Are wraps with ready-made packages or spice mixes healthy?

Wraps are made from tortillas. Tortillas are thin bread, usually made from wheat flour or wheat flour. There is no one standard recipe for making wraps, just like pizzas, you can vary infinitely. So it is completely personal which ingredients you use for your wrap. However, there are a number of standard recipes in the supermarket that are frequently used. To what extent can these standard recipes/packages be seen as healthy?


You can buy tortillas from different brands. However, some packages do not say tortilla, but wrap. There seems to be little difference between tortillas, but nothing could be further from the truth. You even have cornmeal tortillas. These are ideal for people with a gluten intolerance. Furthermore, most tortillas available in the supermarket are made from wheat flour. Tortillas made from wheat flour and whole wheat flour are available, but these are less common. The difference between wheat flour, wheat flour and whole wheat flour is that wheat flour is more processed. This makes it a refined carbohydrate, which means that it is absorbed more quickly into the blood, causing blood sugar levels to rise more quickly. For people with diabetes or people who generally want to avoid peaks and valleys in their blood sugar levels, it is better to consume tortillas made from wheat flour or whole wheat flour.

Herb mixes

It is very tasty to add spices to wraps and the supermarket has responded to this by selling ready-made spice mixes. In 2016, the herb mixes and packages from Honig and Knorr are popular. These mixes/packages are discussed below.

Herb mix from Honig

Honig’s spice mix will certainly provide a delicious taste, but one of the flavor enhancers that ensures this is MSG or E621. This E number stimulates the taste buds and makes you tend to eat more. Besides the fact that it encourages people to eat more, there are people who get dizzy from it. Furthermore, insomnia and hyperactivity may occur. This has not been scientifically proven in 2016.

E631 is another flavor enhancer that has been used. In other words, this is sodium inosinate. This is an E number that you should not consume if you suffer from asthma or have skin allergies. The same applies to the flavor enhancer E627 (sodium guanylate).

Herb mix from Knorr

Knorr also offers a spice mix for Mexican wraps. This spice mix differs significantly compared to that of Honig. No E numbers are added to the Knorr package. For example, it does not contain E621, E627 and E631. Knorr’s herb mix does contain yeast extract. Yeast extract, like MSG, contains free glutamate ions. They seem to cause side effects with MSG, but this has not been scientifically proven.

Herb mix from health food stores

There is a way to add natural spice mix to wraps without making it yourself. Health food stores sell products such as Mexican wraps. These often do not contain E numbers or yeast extract and are made from natural ingredients.

Packages with more than just spice mix

In addition to just spice mixes, you can also buy more complete packages in the supermarket. For example, Honig also offers a package for Mexican wraps that, in addition to a spice mix, also contains tortillas and tomato sauce. The spice mix has already been discussed, but how healthy are the tortillas and tomato sauce from this package?

Family dish Mexican wraps Honig

The tortillas that come with the Honig family dish are made from wheat flour, as discussed earlier it is healthier to choose tortillas made from wheat flour.

Tomato sauce
The tomato sauce of this family dish also contains MSG, and it also contains E635, which is used to enhance the MSG flavor.

Mexican wrap package from Knorr

Knorr also offers such a package. The tortillas are also made from wheat flour.

Sauce mix
The Knorr package contains a sauce mix. These are herbs that serve as a sauce together with water. Knorr’s sauce mix contains sugar, but no E numbers have been added.

Add yourself

The supermarket packages contain tortillas, herbs and a sauce. But of course you cannot make a wrap with this. It requires more ingredients.

Ground beef

For example, the Mexican wrap often uses minced beef as the filling. Ground beef is considered red meat. In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) labeled processed meat as carcinogenic and red meat as possibly carcinogenic, based on several studies. The Nutrition Center also recommends consuming a maximum of 300 grams of red meat per week. It is therefore advisable not to consume too much minced beef.


In addition to Mexican wraps, there are also Oriental wraps, with Oriental wraps often using chicken as a filling. Unprocessed chicken fillet fits a healthy diet as it contains a lot of protein and healthy vitamins and minerals. Moreover, chicken is not red meat, but white meat.

Corn, onion and pepper

Corn is a healthy vegetable, provided you buy it fresh, from the cob. Canned corn usually has sugar added, making it a less healthy choice. Onion is a healthy addition to food, you have to bite through the tears while cutting it, but you do get a very healthy addition in return. Bell pepper is also a very healthy addition to the meal. It contains many vitamins and minerals.


It really depends on which cheese you use with the wrap as some cheeses can be very fatty. However, wraps often only add some cheese to the top, not in large quantities.

Make your own wraps

You can also make your own wraps, of course. This way you can make tortillas yourself and you can also determine what ingredients are used in the filling. You also have control over the flavor enhancers. If you want to be sure that you consume a healthy wrap, it is wise to make the entire wrap yourself.