Can hemorrhoids go away on their own?

Hemorrhoids can occur internally or externally. Medical intervention is not always necessary, especially with external hemorrhoids. The condition can also go away on its own. It is important to practice good hygiene. This reduces the risk of the hemorrhoids becoming infected. If you are on the road a lot, you can use hemorrhoid wipes. The itching can be combated with a nourishing and cooling ointment or gel.


  • What are hemorrhoids and how do they arise?
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  • Can hemorrhoids go away on their own?
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What are hemorrhoids and how do they arise?

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are an unpleasant condition in which tissue filled with blood vessels swells and becomes inflamed. Hemorrhoids can be located internally. You then suffer from blood loss without it being immediately clear where this blood comes from. However, the hemorrhoids can also bulge and then we speak of external hemorrhoids.

To ensure that we can retain our feces and that no odors spread, the anal canal is sealed water and airtight. This function requires quite a few veins and blood vessels. However, if the stool is thicker than normal for a long time, this may mean that it is necessary to strain a lot on the toilet. During this pressing, there is a lot of pressure on the veins and blood vessels. This can cause them to gradually expand. Anyone who has a circulatory problem or suffers from connective tissue weakness can also suffer from hemorrhoids without any immediate cause. The tendency to develop it is also partly hereditary. Pregnancy also increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

The main symptom of hemorrhoids is the presence of bright red blood on the toilet paper after wiping. If the blood is darker in color, this is an indication that it is bleeding higher up in the intestines. This usually does not concern hemorrhoids. At a later stage you may also notice that the rectum bulges slightly and itching and a burning sensation arises as a result of the impact of feces. The presence of hemorrhoids can also cause you to constantly have the feeling that a bowel movement is coming. In reality, it concerns the hemorrhoids that press on the anus.

If the above complaints arise immediately after a very difficult bowel movement, they can also be the result of anal fissures or cracks, which can be easily combated with a healing and cooling ointment.

Can hemorrhoids go away on their own?

Yes, treatment for hemorrhoids is not always necessary . External hemorrhoids in particular can disappear within a few weeks. To help the condition go away and not require medical intervention, it is important to try not to strain when you are on the toilet. This can only make the problem worse. In addition, it is important not to scratch between the buttocks too much and to practice good hygiene. It is preferable to clean the anus thoroughly with water after each visit to the toilet to minimize the risk of inflammation due to the effects of feces.

If the condition proves to be persistent, medical intervention may be necessary. A commonly used method to treat hemorrhoids is to tie the tissue with an elastic band, after which the hemorrhoid dries up and falls away on its own within a few days.

Promote recovery: hemorrhoid wipes

Because it is of course not always possible to clean the anus with water after every visit to the toilet, you can also choose to use hemorrhoid wipes . These are wipes that are impregnated with a number of active ingredients including vitamins, hamamelis and something that provides some cooling. You can carry the wipes discreetly with you so that you always have them at hand when you are at work or on the road, for example. Hemorrhoid wipes are available from the Dr. brand. Swaab.

Combat itching with ointment

Because hemorrhoids can become very itchy, you are quickly tempted to scratch. This feeling often only gets worse in bed at night. To prevent this itching, you can use a cooling ointment or gel such as Sperti ointment, Theranal ointment, Epianal ointment or hamamelis ointment. If you find it unpleasant to have to apply the ointment with your finger, you can also opt for a hemorrhoid spray or gel with a special applicator from Hemoclin. For internal hemorrhoids you can choose to use special hemorrhoid suppositories. Theranal suppositories have an itching and analgesic effect and also have a disinfectant effect.

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