Menostril for a natural balance during menopause

Menostril is especially for women in menopause. When you are going through menopause, you may experience various complaints, including hot flashes, heavy sweating, mood swings and headaches. The cause of these complaints is the decrease in estrogen production, which means your body has to adapt to a new balance. The effects of this can be suppressed by using a combination of various natural products, including isoflavones from red clover and soy beans, which approximate the effect of estrogen.


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Complaints associated with the transition

When you, as a woman, are going through menopause , this can cause many annoying complaints. The most common complaints associated with menopause are hot flashes, heavy sweating at unexpected times, fatigue, palpitations, mood swings, thinning of the skin, headache and muscle pain. If you have to deal with this, it can make your day quite difficult and it can also have an effect on your social life. However, menopause is a natural process that every woman will have to go through at some point. However, one person has more complaints than the other.

Menopause occurs when a woman moves from the fertile to the infertile phase of her life. The hormones in the body then have to rearrange themselves, as it were, and the well-known menopausal symptoms are a consequence of this. While some women only suffer from this for a few months, for others it can last seven to ten years. During that period, the nature of the complaints may change. Where you initially suffered mainly from hot flashes and fatigue, this may at a later stage progress to other complaints that can be associated with the menopause, such as frequent bladder infections and prolapse of the uterus, bladder or rectum. This is a consequence of the decrease in muscle strength associated with menopause and aging.

Reduce complaints with Menostril

Menopausal symptoms can never be completely suppressed, but you can choose to take supplements that are formulated in such a way that they can support you, for example to give you more energy and ensure a better night’s sleep. There are several supplements on the market that combine some of these beneficial ingredients. Menostril is one of those products. The ingredients red clover, soy bean, valerian, nettle, monk’s pepper and vitamin E are combined. It concerns exclusively natural ingredients.

Isoflavones from red clover and soybeans

Red clover and soybeans are a natural source of isoflavones . These are plant substances found in legumes and some other grains and vegetables. Red clover and soybean are often used in isoflavone products because they contain high levels of it. The effect of this substance is very similar to that of estrogen, the hormone that is produced less from the moment you enter menopause. By offering your body isoflavones, the effects of menopause can be moderated. The fact that soy works well against menopausal symptoms was discovered when it turned out that people who live in countries where a lot of soy is eaten suffer much less from menopausal symptoms.


When you enter menopause, you may have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, especially due to the occurrence of palpitations and nighttime hot flashes. Valerian is a product that is often used in supplements that promote sleep. It has a soothing effect on body and mind and helps you sleep better.


Nettle is used in Menostril because of its cleansing and purifying effect on the blood.

Monk’s pepper

Monk’s pepper is an herb that is used in many homeopathic supplements to promote good balance.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E or alpha-tocopherol contributes to protecting cells against oxidative damage that can occur under the influence of unsaturated fatty acids. It is also widely used in vitamin formulas to promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

Does Menostril really work?

Menostril is not a medicine and is not prescribed by doctors. It is emphatically a product based on natural products. However, the website Het Testpanel did conduct research into the experience of users of the product in 2015. 171 women with menopausal symptoms took part in a test of the product and they gave Menostril an average score of 8 . In the test, Menostril was used daily for two months. 62% of women noticed a significantly better effect of the product compared to other products. 37% noticed these differences after two to four weeks and the rest within two months. Reported results include less hot flashes, better sleep and less night sweats.

How do you use Menostril?

Menostril is available in packs of 30 tablets. Take one of these daily before your evening meal. This way it has the best effect on your night’s sleep. You can take the tablets with a glass of water.

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