How do I prevent bloating?

Bloating can have unpleasant consequences. It can be caused by certain types of food, certain eating behavior or stress, among other things. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce or prevent bloating. For example, you can avoid certain foods or drinks. What other ways are there to combat bloating? Can medications be effective against flatulence? Can stress be a cause of flatulence?

Prevent bloating

  • Bloated feeling
  • A lazy stomach
  • Drinks & food
  • Stress and relaxation
  • Medicines

Bloated feeling

It is normal to have about 12 to 25 winds per day. Pain in the upper abdomen may occur if there is an excess amount of air in the stomach and intestines. In addition, nausea can even occur. Several factors can play a role in the development of excess air, such as food and a so-called ‘lazy stomach’.

A lazy stomach

When your stomach muscles work slowly, you may feel bloated. Slow stomach muscles are also called a ‘lazy stomach’. During the breakdown of food, all kinds of gases are released. Because the food is digested slowly, the gas can easily mix with the remaining food. This can lead to bloating in your stomach and intestines. A lazy stomach is treated by taking medications and following a low-fat diet. Individuals with a lazy stomach are advised to be careful when eating fiber. A lazy stomach has difficulty digesting fiber. However, fiber, on the other hand, is healthy and should not be avoided entirely.

Drinks & food

It is important to take food correctly. When swallowing food and drinks, ensure that as little air as possible is carried along. You do this by eating quietly and breathing only through your nose. In addition, it is important to chew well so that the food is ground into small pieces. If you chew enough, you ensure that enough enzymes are processed with the food. These enzymes ensure that the digestion of food is promoted. If you do not chew enough, the yeast process in your intestines can take longer than normal.


Carbonated drinks have the property of causing flatulence. Carbon dioxide causes gas formation. For example, you can think of soft drinks such as cola or orange. Beer can also cause you to have a swollen stomach. Beer contains carbon dioxide and carbohydrates, among other things. It is recommended to drink water instead.

Source: Victorgrigas, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)


You can reduce gas by eating at regular times. You can also reduce bloating by not skipping a meal. You should eat at least three meals a day. Certain types of food have a strong impact on your stomach area. For example, potatoes and beans are known to cause flatulence. Products that contain a lot of sugar can also cause flatulence. In addition, food products such as onions and various types of cabbage can also cause gas. You can reduce the use of onions by using spices or herbs, among other things.

The yeast process in your intestines ensures that the food is broken down. When the amount of yeasts and bacteria becomes out of balance, excess gas can form. You can reduce the imbalance by, among other things, eating healthy and eating less sugar. A milk product such as yogurt can improve the balance because of the good bacteria it contains. In addition, hormones also influence how good the balance is in your stomach.

Try to avoid fat as much as possible. You can choose, for example, to eat rice regularly. Fish such as shrimp and cod contain little fat. Lean meat and steak also contain little fat, which means you will experience less bloating.

Fiber-rich foods
By consuming fiber-rich foods you can prevent constipation (unless you suffer from a lazy stomach, in which case fiber is less suitable). It is recommended to consume 30 to 40 grams of fiber per day. The downside is that an abundance of fiber can sometimes cause bloating. It is recommended to cook fiber-rich foods (such as vegetables) sufficiently so that the fibers in them soften. This way your stomach can digest the food more easily.

Products such as bread have a different cause that can cause flatulence. Bread contains a lot of air. There is a good chance that this air will be swallowed.

Stress and relaxation

Stress can cause an uneasy stomach, causing flatulence and bloating. It is therefore important to avoid stress as much as possible. You can start by relaxing yourself through breathing exercises. You do this by breathing in and out slowly through your nose.


Below you will find some medicines for flatulence. However, it has not been scientifically proven that they are actually effective. The use of herbs such as fennel, cumin and coriander seems to work, but this has not been scientifically proven.

Rennie Deflatine

Rennie Deflatine tablets can help reduce bloating caused by gas. The product consists of calcium carbonate with magnesium subcarbonate. These substances ensure that the stomach contents become less acidic. However, side effects such as diarrhea or constipation may occur. In addition, it is recommended to check with the pharmacist whether it has any interactions with other medications you are taking.


Iberogast is a liquid medicine consisting of natural herbs. The medicine is intended, among other things, to combat flatulence. In addition, the medicine can be used against stomach cramps, nausea and intestinal cramps.


Norit is a medicine against, among other things, flatulence and a swollen stomach. This medicine has few side effects because the product consists of natural substances. Norit consists of activated carbon (carbon that has been specially treated). However, blockage can occur.