Beauty: Men’s cosmetics

For one man it is still a door too far and the other makes eager use of it… and why not. As if men’s skin doesn’t suffer from everything that hits our skin every day? Yet for many men it is still “not done” and is sometimes referred to as “sissy behavior”. Nonsense of course, but how do you get the man to receive care that goes beyond the deodorant or aftershave?

Different than usual

In addition to the outspoken group of men who will not start, there are also the secretive men who regularly use some of the (female) partner’s belongings. It is not disastrous for the skin, but men’s skin is clearly different from women’s skin. Give your skin some care and put aside any negative associations.

Men’s skin versus women’s skin

In general, men’s skin is a lot firmer than women’s skin. But also a bit oilier and the sebum production is different. A consequence of the hormone testosterone is that men’s skin is almost a quarter thicker than women’s skin and more sebum is produced. An advantage is that men’s skin generally continues to contain more collagen and therefore looks younger for a longer period of time. A disadvantage is that men’s skin is shaved and the skin is damaged to a greater or lesser extent. Moreover, it is also a men’s thing to protect themselves less well against the sun. If you add the above to less skin care, it is almost logical that men’s skin will look older than women’s skin in the long run.

Skin types

The skin type classification of men is no different from that of women, namely:

  • Combination skin : shiny T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), large pores (particularly near the nose and possibly chin), dry areas around the eyes and jaws, fine lines around the eyes.
  • Normal skin : small pores, slightly matte skin after washing, few imperfections, elastic.
  • Dry skin : looks somewhat matte, few visible pores, flaking, fine lines around the eyes.
  • Oily skin : large pores, relatively many blackheads and pimples, thicker structure, easily shiny, few wrinkles or lines.
  • Sensitive skin : easily irritated, thin and quite dry, feels tight.

Problems and solutions

There are some problems with facial skin that occur regularly and can almost always be treated.

Source: Hahanriji, Pixabay

Men’s skin has the same type of skin classification as women’s, but usually has some other problems. It starts with puberty. Acne is usually more severe in men than in women and this is partly due to changing hormone levels (a genetic factor may also play a role, as well as stress as an influencing factor). Depending on how much it bothers you, it is a matter of continuing to cleanse well with a gentle product (the PH value is thus maintained) and, above all, do not clog the pores. Although young skin can benefit from it, the highly drying anti-acne remedies are not always the best remedy for acne. If it continues to bother you, see if the beautician can soothe your skin. The dermatologist can of course also be an option if you cannot get rid of it, but drastic measures are often used for this.

Ingrown hairs

Men have hair growth on the face, so the chance of ingrown hairs is significantly greater than in women. Hair can grow in if you shave against the direction of hair growth or if you shave very short, or too short. Doing this allows the regrowing hair to grow into the surrounding tissue. If this is the case, the body comes into action and will try to get rid of the foreign build-up. First the skin turns red and you get a rash, and then inflammation can develop.
It is therefore useful to exfoliate the skin regularly. This way you prevent inflammation. Moreover, it makes the skin nice and soft.


With dry skin there is a greater chance of flaking, those small rough spots and skin that can be very unsightly. If you suffer from flaking or are at risk of experiencing flaking, it is important that you cleanse the skin very gently, while maintaining the PH value. So no rough treatment. It is then important to apply a product that adds moisture to the skin.


More and more brands are thinking about men’s skin and are launching a special line of men’s products on the market. If you dare, get advice about your skin type. The better perfumery or beautician can tell you. Men’s skin also needs to be cared for, so get rid of the taboo!