The mysterious “black and white”

Where you implement the combination of “black and white”, you will encounter strong opinions. Boring, safe, colorless… but also mysterious. The latter aspect is one that is regularly consciously implemented, especially in clothing. On the one hand because it is safe for people who have difficulty combining, but the mysterious aspect cannot be ignored. What does that mysterious thing do to us?

Don’t be an open book

We don’t like to present ourselves as an open book and then not immediately showing colors is a pleasant aspect. Although there is nothing against being an open book, it is perceived as too easy. Whether in business or private life, some effort has to be made for many people. Dressing in black can also be a statement, but for many people it is a bit too gloomy and then you combine it with the other extreme, white. In fact, you cannot make any major mistakes with it, which is nice for those who are looking for convenience. Yet many people also choose the combination of black and white because of the bit of mystery it contains.

Why mystery?

Being mysterious is actually nothing more or less than the other party not understanding you. The fact that someone is mysterious makes him/her interesting almost immediately. Many people like that touch of mystery and enjoy discovering what’s behind it. This can be done on a business or private level. Since clothing is a reflection of who you are and what you want to radiate, black with a touch of white is a great fit for those who want to radiate this.

Source: Pitabox987, Rgbstock


Strictly speaking, color is a physical property of light that is determined by different wavelengths (of which it is composed). We perceive light when electromagnetic radiation reaches the eye. This is between 750 and 400 nm. (nanometer is a measure of length). This sounds complicated to many and what we specify as color is what we experience with the naked eye and in daylight as red, blue, yellow and all mixtures that arise from these. All these colors have acquired a meaning over time and that meaning says something about the person in clothing, whether intentionally or not. Some examples:

  • Red is seen as love, passion and warmth. But red is also danger.
  • Green is perceived as healthy, nature and fertility.
  • Yellow is seen as joy, energy and lightness.
  • Blue is seen as clarity, truth, status and power.

So you can say something by wearing certain colors. Although not everyone has a purpose for the colors he or she wears, but simply likes it or the color does something for the person in question, the combination is often made. So not always right.

Meaning black and white?
If we do look at meanings, we can also take black and white head on. Because black represents rebellion, darkness, death, end. But also elegance. White, on the other hand, stands for purity, light, cleanliness and the combination of these two extremes means that the person who is emphatically dressed in this, carries two different aspects with him and emits mixed signals and that is mystery.

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” Ted Grant