A difference between male and female energy

The difference between a man and a woman is usually visible. Visible at birth and determines whether blue mice should be purchased or pink. That’s a boy and that’s a girl! He becomes a man and she becomes a woman. Less visible (but observable) is that a man can have a feminine energy and a woman can have a masculine energy. Ignorance of feminine and masculine energies creates misunderstanding of each other and creates unpleasant situations.

  • The expression of dominant masculine energy
  • The expression of dominant feminine energy
  • Brain hemisphere
  • Energy visible and not visible
  • Own kindness
  • The difference in action
  • Patriarchy and matriarchy

The expression of dominant masculine energy

So feminine or masculine energy is not gender dependent. Both forms are represented in every person. Often it is the women with a feminine energy and the men with a masculine energy. But men also have a feminine energy and women can radiate a masculine energy and behave accordingly. People with a lot of masculine energy are often:

  • do-people;
  • more self-oriented;
  • want to perform and organize;
  • their attention is mainly focused on the outside world and on the outside;
  • analytical;
  • be assertive;
  • people in whom the left hemisphere predominates. The logic!

The expression of dominant feminine energy

People with a lot of feminine energy can be recognized by their…

  • have difficulty respecting their ‘I’. The interests of others come first and are great. The ‘I’m allowed to be there’ feeling is hard to find;
  • are sensitive to external stimuli (sounds, smells);
  • living from an inner strength, from intuition. Focus on beauty within and not the outer beauty
  • be patient;
  • are caring types;
  • being creative;
  • calm and gentle;
  • using a predominant right hemisphere. The feeling!

Brain hemisphere

Everyone will agree that feminine and masculine energies are present in people after reading the list above. These lists correspond to the medical and scientific explanation. Our brain consists of two halves, the left and the right hemisphere.

Left half

The left hemisphere contains the area for:

  • logic;
  • analytical skills;
  • linear thinking;
  • mental functions (conceptual thinking).

Right half

The right half contains our:

  • intuition;
  • feelings;
  • creativity;
  • holistic perception (seeing everything in the big picture);
  • the gift of understanding processes.


The left hemisphere contains the area for language for men and women.
The difference, however, is that in women this area is sharply defined and in men it is spread over the front and back of the left hemisphere of the brain. This means that the women:

  • be more eloquent;
  • can express their emotions better and faster.


In a man, the thought processes are more clearly defined. With the advantage:

  • goal-oriented thinking;
  • processing visual spatial information;
  • mathematics aptitude.

Energy visible and not visible

Energy is defined as ‘the ability to do work. This becomes clearly visible at:

  • water . Hydropower with a difference in height provides energy;
  • wind . Windmills convert the energy of the wind into mechanical energy;
  • light , is visible to the human eye. The energy of light is not visible to the human eye. Light energy transforms, broadens and affects all beings. The energy of light is not observable and today’s science translates light energy into light quantity. This is a quantity that indicates the amount of light. Denoted by the symbol Q or Qv and has the dimension lumen second (lm ⋅ s);
  • Radiant energy , is the energy ‘trapped’ in electromagnetic radiation. This is necessary, among other things, for data transfer from mobile telephony and is not visible;
  • Nuclear energy is energy generated in nuclear power plants. Energy generated by nuclear reactions, the reactions involving atomic nuclei. The highest energy created by human hands;
  • The cosmos also consists of invisible natural energy.

Own kindness

The feminine and masculine energies are not visible, but are clearly present. Feminine energy and masculine energy give people a non-scientifically proven individuality. A non-scientific appearance. One person radiates love, is open to everyone and puts the other first (the feminine energy). Another person radiates stiffness, doesn’t come near me and doesn’t care about the other person (the male energy). Only these energies do not exist according to today’s science. Today’s science only investigates the observable. And yet the character traits associated with the feminine and masculine energies correspond to the traits of the scientific explanations of human behavior caused by the left and right brain.

The difference in action

Arguments are easily made with ignorance about feminine and masculine energies. One thinks purposefully and the other instinctively. This can lead to significant misunderstandings:

  • It can be difficult when a husband and wife (or two friends) go shopping with different energies. Women or men with a feminine energy want to go in and out of the store, in and out of the fitting room. Compare first and then buy. Men or women with a masculine energy want to buy and go;
  • Parking remains difficult for many women and many men do not understand it. A case of left brain and right brain. A man’s spatial awareness is simply greater than a woman’s. Because spatial insight is the ability to estimate distances, speeds and angles. The woman with a feminine energy will drive around the block and find another place which the male spouse with a masculine energy does not understand at all. Resulting in grumbling or worse? At a road narrowing, a person with masculine energy takes the right to step on the accelerator when an oncoming car approaches and a person with feminine energy will wait;
  • Before a night out, a woman wants to hear from the man whether her choice of clothing and hairstyle look good and beautiful. But she actually wants to know if she can go there! That she is pretty and beautiful. Looking for this confirmation in the question; “Do I look beautiful?” and receives no response from behind a rustling newspaper. A typical case of not understanding how feminine and masculine energies work.

Patriarchy and matriarchy

The feminine and masculine energies determine what our world looks like. If our society is led and governed by rulers with a predominantly male energy, we call it a patriarchy. A society, a world where the basics are: fighting. Fighting for status, money, power and equality. With or without aggression and violence. The feminine energy is not something that specifically belongs to women, but it is the feminists and Dolle Mina’s, the women, who have ensured that the feminine energy was heard again. Equality, making your own choices, tolerance, respect, peace and love.

In terms of rights, men and women are the same, but fortunately they are not equal. Good thing, too. Because it is precisely the balance of male and female energy that creates a stable, fair and pleasant world.