What do you wear during Christmas?

Many people put more effort into their appearance during the Christmas holidays. The family is visited in neat clothes and many families go out for dinner dressed festively. Sometimes there are also other festivities that are attended during the Christmas holidays. Even in primary schools you see children dressing up for Christmas dinner. What is best to wear for a specific Christmas occasion and what is meant by certain dress codes? We usually dress up a bit at Christmas. More than 40% of women pay more attention to their appearance during Christmas. They spend longer in front of the mirror and pay more attention to their clothes and hairstyle. In any case, the dress code for Christmas has been taken care of.

What do you wear at Christmas?

Christmas with the family

Of course you just wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, but most of us will put a little more effort into our appearance. For Christmas this usually means that you choose clothing in black, red, white, blue and brown tones. When we celebrate Christmas with family, we are more likely to choose neat and comfortable. Outside the family circle, people are more likely to opt for cold weather in a thin dress, but most women do not opt for this among themselves.

Christmas during a party

During a party you naturally adhere to the prescribed dress code. At the bottom of this article you will find what this dress code usually entails. During Christmas people often choose dark colors such as black, anthracite, dark blue. Some ladies dare and choose red or gold. Dresses with short sleeves can best be combined with a jacket or a bolero if you are really cold. The clothing could shine and sparkle a little more than normal and accessories are really indispensable for Christmas. Of course you choose your “high heels” to complete your outfit.

Christmas dinner at school

Children who go to the Christmas dinner at school also put a lot of effort into their appearance. Little boys put on their nicest clothes and some even come in suits or a real tuxedo. Girls also choose neat clothes, and many girls choose skirts or dresses. Some raid the dress-up chest and put on a princess dress. In addition to having a nice meal together, the Christmas dinner at school is also about being beautiful.

Accessories that match the Christmas clothes

Sometimes Christmas clothing is a bit gloomy looking in gray or black tones. People often opt for striking accessories in gold or silver. In general, more accessories are worn than is normally the case. Don’t overdo it, you don’t have to compete with the Christmas tree. If the clothing is already exuberant, you naturally keep the accessories quiet.

Dress etiquette

We will go over the etiquette rules for parties, what do you wear for which occasion?

  • Black Tie : When this is stated in the invitation, the man always wears a tuxedo. The ladies prefer to see them in a long evening dress, although a chic cocktail dress is also acceptable. Gloves are allowed, but not required.
  • Cocktail Attire : for the ladies a short cocktail dress, preferably with lots of accessories and for the gentlemen in a dark (preferably black) suit with a white shirt.
  • Tenue de Ville : ladies in neat suits or trouser suits. Gentlemen in a neat suit, preferably three-piece.
  • Smart Casual : gentlemen in smart trousers with a nice shirt or in a suit. Ladies in a suit with pants or skirt. You can’t go wrong with a neat dress.
  • Casual : may be neat jeans, but most people still go for it safe and choose neat cotton trousers with matching outerwear.

Even though clothing is important during Christmas, for most people Christmas means enjoying being together and for a small minority (around 10%), Christmas mainly means going to Christmas mass in church.