How do you prevent clothing misses?

It happens to everyone sometimes: a blouse that is too tight, clothing in the wrong color or the wrong size. These are some examples of a wrong choice of clothing. You can prevent wardrobe malfunctions by asking someone else for advice. Also invest in a color test. If you know which color type you are, choose colors that suit you. The color of your skin will then look better. Clothing should fit well, not too tight and not too loose. Your figure looks better in well-fitting clothing.

Prevent clothing misses by choosing the right size

Purchase clothing in the correct size. Well-fitting clothing covers the abdomen and prevents a visible buttocks gap. In addition, it enhances your figure and makes it optically slimmer. Loose clothing does not provide a slimming effect, making you appear fatter, and the same applies to clothing that is too tight. It shows every imperfection and the seams are taut. With tight-fitting clothing, the seams of the underwear are also clearly visible, but this is easily prevented by wearing seamless underwear underneath.

Following the latest clothing trends

Don’t follow all clothing trends, but choose your own style based on clothing that suits you. You can combine these garments with some fashionable items.

What color type am I?

Choose clothes in colors that look good on you. These are the colors that give the skin of your face a soft, even appearance and light up the eyes. To find out which colors suit you, you can do a color test. This usually involves four different color types, the so-called winter, summer, autumn and spring types. The winter and summer types have more pink pigment in the skin, so cool colors with a blue undertone suit these types well. The autumn and spring types have more orange pigment in the skin, so warm colors with a yellow undertone suit these types well. Cool colors include pink, rose red, taupe, black, navy blue and anthracite. Warm colors include orange, orange-red, mustard yellow, salmon pink and lime green. There are also colors that everyone can wear such as denim blue, lavender blue, gray blue, turquoise, off-white and coral red.

A neat appearance

Always wear clean and, if necessary, ironed garments that are not worn. Clean your shoes regularly and don’t wear worn ones. It’s about the overall picture, worn-out shoes under a neat outfit detract from the whole.
Choose the accessories carefully, not too many and not too few.

Tips for short people who want to look a little taller

  • For garments with a checked pattern, choose a small check.
  • Wear high-heeled shoes.
  • Wear clothes in layers on top of each other.

Tips for plus size people

  • Pay attention to the fit, loose clothing does not conceal a larger size.
  • Accessories can distract attention.
  • Buy the right size, not too small or too tight.
  • Wear flowing material such as silk and smooth, plain, not too thick fabrics and no velvet, tweed, knits and stretch fabrics.
  • Cover firm body parts.
  • Wear corrective underwear.

Corrective underwear (shapewear)

Some fabrics emphasize less slender body parts or they are translucent. To hide or prevent this, wear corrective underwear (shapewear). Shapewear accentuates, corrects and shapes certain body parts and firms the skin. Corrective underwear can consist of a shaping top, body, dress, pants, leggings or pantyhose.