Tips for good clothing styling

We all want to look good. But if you want to dress well, styling is the most difficult part. It’s not just about the clothes you wear, but also about all the accessories that go with it. You can think of jewelry, shoes, your hairstyle and make-up. Follow the tips below and you will look dazzling on every occasion. There are many factors that play a role in styling. This also includes accessories, jewelry, shoes, your hairstyle and make-up. Finding a good balance is important.

Styling is related to a number of factors

Your personality

Your life goes in phases, so does your personality. During certain periods in your life you need certain clothes. Someone who likes to be the center of attention can show this by choosing striking colors, designs or surprising clothing. Someone who likes to be less noticeable often opts for inconspicuous colors and models. The clothes you wear influence yourself and your environment

Your mood

What do you need today? When you’re tired and want to be left alone as much as possible, your outfit doesn’t really matter. When you’re tired, a cheerful outfit can lift your spirits and cheer you up.

The opportunity

Where are you going today or who are you meeting today? Adapt to the occasion you are going to, but keep your own style.

The fashion

Consciously or unconsciously, we are guided by fashion. We let the environment guide us as to whether “something is possible” or not.

Accessories on and around the face

The accessories on and around your face determine the end result. It is important to know what looks good on your face shape.

Oval/egg-shaped face

This is a sight for unusual hairstyles and striking accessories, such as hats. If you have a fine and narrow face, it is better not to choose very large accessories.

Round face

Short haircuts usually look best on a round face, as do small earrings. Round or deep necklines and scarves and necklaces worn lengthwise also look great.

Square face

Straight lines in the accessories on and around the face look especially good with a square face. You can think of a glasses frame with straight lines.

Long face

Hairstyles in particular can make the face appear shorter. By working with horizontal lines, such as bangs or bob lines, your long face will appear shorter. Necklaces and scarves can be worn a little shorter around the face.

Pear-shaped face

A pear-shaped face has a narrow forehead and becomes wider downwards. The jaw is quite wide. Hairstyles that widen at the top and deep necklines or blouses with the top buttons open look very nice. Avoid using large earrings.

Heart-shaped face

This face has a broad forehead and prominent cheekbones with a narrow chin. Hats, caps and large earrings look great with this face.

Diamond-shaped face

This face has a narrow forehead and a narrow chin. The cheekbones are wider. The hairstyle can provide balance; a widening at the forehead and chin.


Make-up is, in fact, also an accessory. It can completely change the overall picture. If your makeup is messy or conspicuous, it will detract from your overall appearance. Bright colors and shiny makeup are festive. Natural tones and matte make-up look calmer. If you wear a lot of make-up, it is wiser to be more relaxed with accessories. The colors of your makeup do not have to be the same colors as your clothes. But make sure you combine warm with warm colors and cool with cool colors.