Ten American weight-loss blunders

Although it is known that many residents of America are overweight, this is also becoming increasingly common in our region. Ten weight-loss blunders that came over from America can therefore also serve as a warning here. These blunders include doing certain things more or less, for example with regard to food and exercise. Everything in moderation and gradually is also a starting point.

Preface to ten American weight loss blunders

Be careful because the ten things described below are not tips to implement, but are blunders that you should definitely avoid making. Good reading is therefore important in the fight to successfully lose the excess pounds.

Blunder 1. Drinking semi-skimmed milk and fruit juice is no problem

Although milk and fruit juice are very healthy, it should not be assumed that drinking them does not pose a problem for obesity. Semi-skimmed milk and fruit juice also contain calories and they count. Many fruit juices contain at least 80 kcal per glass. The best thirst quencher is always plain water because it contains no calories.

Blunder 2. Weigh yourself every day

Keeping track of your weight every day, hoping to lose another pound, seems like a good thing to do. But weight can fluctuate because some days you retain more fluid than others. If the weight is higher than the previous day, this can be demotivating.

Blunder 3. Never eating the tasty things you love again

By no longer eating those delicacies, the desire for them becomes greater and greater. An unhappy feeling can be the result, which in turn can lead to giving up on losing weight. It is better to deal with small portions and not, for example, keep a tub of ice cream in the freezer, but to buy just one ice cream.

Blunder 4. Eating a lot fewer calories

Eating smaller portions makes sense, but temporarily cutting back on calories is not the right way to lose weight. If the difference is suddenly too great, it will be at the expense of a good metabolism and the body will use calories more efficiently. As soon as you eat a little more, the pounds will come back quickly.

Blunder 5. Not counting snacks

Anyone who is very aware of the calories of breakfast, lunch and dinner but forgets about snacks in between can consume many more calories than the count indicates at the end of the day. Depending on the type of snacks, these can easily amount to 1000 kcal per day. Counting (or rather leaving it alone) is therefore very important.

Blunder 6. Brakes released when going out for dinner

It is often thought that sinning once cannot do any harm. But one sin while eating out can really add up. Tips are therefore:

  • Have sauces and dressings served separately so that you can determine the quantity yourself.
  • Do not eat large portions completely, but take the remainder with you. A doggyback is very common in America and why not here?
  • Would rather not order a multi-course menu.
  • Share the dessert with a table companion.
  • Eat less the rest of the day.

Blunder 7. Suddenly exercising very intensively

Of course, more exercise is an important part of a weight loss program. But suddenly training too much in the gym can cause over-fatigue and demotivation for further implementation of the program. Gradualism is better.

Blunder 8. Sugar-free foods and light products are no problem

Naturally, sugar-free foods and light products have fewer calories than other products. But sugar substitutes sometimes have many more calories than you think. Therefore, first read the details of the products to choose the right one.

Blunder 9. Just keep cooking for the rest of the family

Nothing is more tempting than seeing the rest of the family enjoying meals that are served the same as before. But perhaps the rest of the family is also ready for healthier food due to previous eating habits. Therefore, it is better to cook for everyone differently than before. Spoil the slim ones among them every now and then with something extra that you don’t have to be there when they eat it.

Blunder 10. Success does not need to be rewarded extra

Although a slimmer body is a good reward, an extra reward can also keep motivation high. But do not reward with something with calories, but for example a treat at a theater performance or a beautiful piece of jewelry.

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