Choose clothes that suit your figure

People regularly choose clothes that fit comfortably or that look nice. But with a more conscious choice of clothing you can achieve a lot. Because clothing can visually give you a completely different appearance, there is suitable clothing for every figure. You can accentuate or obscure areas of your body with colours, lines and designs. Carefully read the tips below for each figure shape and you will see the result.

Tools to look more beautiful

Tools to accentuate areas or obscure correct ones.

To colour

Light colors plump up and accentuate the relevant body area. A good choice for a woman with wide hips and a narrow torso is a light top combined with dark trousers. All dark colors, such as black, anthracite, brown, green make you slim. Light colors look younger, happier and therefore often slimmer with the spring type. Use bright, bright colors to accentuate certain areas (for example, a dark brown set with an orange scarf).


Lines are an important tool to visually change your overall image. Horizontal lines make your figure smaller and vertical lines make your figure longer and slimmer.

Horizontal lines
High collars, layered fashion, shoes with ankle straps, ankle boots under a skirt, belts (in contrasting colors), wide earrings or contrasting colors (such as a light blouse and dark skirt). These are all examples of horizontal lines. If you have a long face, your hairstyle can make a significant improvement, for example by choosing bangs, a tuft on your forehead or a wide bob.

Vertical lines
Lengthwise stripes, lengthwise dividing seams, a fold in the trousers, slim-cut trouser legs, slim-cut jackets and sleeves, long necklaces and scarves, long hair and elongated earrings. These examples all have a narrowing effect. In addition, you can wear everything in (approximately) the same color; that also makes it longer. If you have a round face with a short (strong) neck and a round hairstyle, deep V-neck cuts, long necklaces or unknotted scarves will look great on you.


In general, designs draw more attention to a part of the body than plain fabrics. Designs emphasize something. Your eye is immediately drawn to the different shapes of the print and you usually look fuller in a design. If you are big and tall, larger designs often look better than smaller ones. The same applies to short women the other way around.


A good fit can do wonders for your figure. A well-shaped (fitted) jacket does more for your figure than a straight or shapeless model. The model of a garment largely determines its appearance.

Figure shapes

You can divide a body figure into various shapes.

Pear-shaped figure

Goal: create balance in your figure by making your hips and legs appear less full and your upper body fuller. When your upper body appears fuller, your hips automatically appear less wide.
A few tips:

  • Light or bright colors above (tops), dark colors below (pants or skirts)
  • Plain designs or accents on the top and plain on the bottom
  • Fitted suit jackets end between the waist and hips at the hip bone or lower
  • Jackets or sweaters made of a slightly firmer or thicker material, possibly with a large collar
  • Boat neck top
  • Shoulder pads and accents on and around the shoulders
  • Straight set-in sleeves
  • Trousers with straight legs or slightly flared legs
  • Long trousers that fall well over the heel of your shoe

Apple-shaped figure

Goal: make your torso look less full and accentuate your legs.
A few tips:

  • Plain or dark tops
  • Supple blouse or sweater that fits along the body
  • Jackets and blouses with a top underneath, for example with the top button undone
  • Center front closure
  • Short jackets (that hang slightly over the stomach)
  • A cut-out neckline, sweaters and jackets that fall just to your buttocks often look great on you
  • Sagging shoulders can be corrected with small, straight shoulder pads
  • Trousers with detail or design
  • Accentuate your legs with short skirts or straight-leg pants

Straight figure

Goal: create a waist or accentuate the straightness of your figure.
A few tips :

  • Trouser suits
  • Short or straight jackets
  • Jackets with a tie belt
  • Tunics or tunic dresses
  • Blouses or button-down dresses
  • Wrap blouses or tops
  • V-necks or other low necklines
  • Straight cloaks
  • Straight tapered skirts, or wide trousers

Athletic figure

Goal: to make your shoulders appear less broad and to emphasize your legs or femininity.
A few tips:

  • Top with slim shoulders
  • Short skirts and dresses
  • Chunky fabrics and knits
  • Low or wide belts
  • Skirts or trousers made of (rib) velvet
  • Striking trousers with large pockets
  • Low tight jeans

Heart-shaped figure

Goal: to make your shoulders and upper body look less robust and to accentuate your legs.
A few tips :

  • Tops and accentuate your legs
  • Fitted sweaters and jackets
  • Simple, plain sweaters and T-shirts made of fine material
  • (deep) round or V-necks
  • Straight, tapered or wide trousers
  • Straight, run or tapered skirts

Hourglass figure
Goal: accentuate a slim waist, but don’t overdo it.
A few tips :

  • (slightly) fitted clothing
  • Supple fabrics, especially for your tops
  • Fitted trouser suit or fitted jacket with skirt
  • Light colors or details at the top
  • Choose stiffer, shaping fabrics at the bottom, such as suede
  • Round or deep cut necklines
  • Fitted dresses