Pectin in applesauce or jam is an important nutritional element

Our body needs various nutrients to function properly. The nutrients that can be digested and absorbed into our body are: proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats, vitamins, water and starch. Proper digestion of these nutrients requires salts and enzymes supplied by the pancreas and bile. In addition, the substance pectin has an important function in the absorption of nutrients.

Effect of pectin as an important nutritional element

Enzymes in particular are of great importance for the digestion process. Enzymes release necessary nutrients from the food consumed. Then the substance pectin is important because it combines with the nutrients. This connection with pectin greatly promotes the absorption of the nutrients.

Fruits with a lot of pectin

There are several ways to take pectin. An obvious way is to add products to food that contain a lot of pectin, especially certain fruits. For example, it is known that apples contain a lot of pectin, especially in the peel and seeds. But not only apples, but also currants, apricots, citrus fruits, gooseberries, quinces, pears, plums, oranges and sugar beets contain a lot of pectin. Pectin, as part of the cell walls of plants and fruits, ensures that the cells stick together.

Nutrient absorption

A pleasant way to take pectin is also to add homemade applesauce to the meal. Applesauce is a good nutritional product because it helps to promote the absorption of necessary nutrients. Another way to provide our body with pectin is through jam. Pectin is used in most jams to obtain a thicker consistency. In an acidic environment, pectin forms a jelly when heated with sugar. Applied in this way it becomes a thickening agent. A number of fruits do not have enough pectin to obtain a firm jam, making the addition of pectin necessary.

Other uses of pectin

Pectin can also increase the feeling of satiety. Adopting a diet and having an apple or other fruit with a lot of pectin as a snack will certainly have a beneficial effect because it reduces the appetite due to the full feeling it produces. Pectin has also been shown to be beneficial for proper cholesterol levels and for stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Lots of applesauce

Apples are now available all year round, so the benefit of the pectin is not seasonal. You can make applesauce in different ways. The apples are often first peeled and cored. But since the substance pectin is mainly found in the peel and seeds, it is better not to peel. The easiest way to make applesauce is to first remove the stems from the apples and then simply cut them into small pieces, leaving the core in place. Then cover with a little water to prevent burning or sticking. After boiling, let it simmer for twenty minutes. Then pass the pulp through a rotating sieve, leaving the hard core residue behind. Add sugar and possibly cinnamon for flavor. It is best to serve a separate bowl with a few scoops of applesauce with the meal. It is also delicious to mix homemade applesauce with red cabbage.