Festive hairstyles

Before the holidays, everyone who is concerned with appearance is in front of the camera. Everyone knows what to wear for the holidays and although they all talk about trends, you see a lot of different hairstyles, clothes, make-up or jewelry. This may mean that it is just our own insight and we have to wait and see whether it becomes a trend or there are simply a lot of trends. If you like trends, the latter is very nice. After all, you can look trendy during the holidays and choose from countless models. A selection of the possibilities. Nice, isn’t it?

Real or fake?


If you have short hair, that is no longer a problem these days. There are very affordable fake hair pieces that you can use in your own hair. There are some things you should pay attention to, such as:

  • Pay particular attention to fake hair that it does not shine too much. That gives the whole thing a very synthetic look.
  • Match the color of the hairpiece well with your own hair and do not let it differ too much. The natural progression of long hair is that it becomes a bit lighter, so you can incorporate a small nuance in color here.
  • Don’t get a huge head of hair if you have relatively thin hair (even though it is tempting). Usually the transition is too noticeable. Let the transition be natural.


Many women dye their hair, often well into old age. But there is also a group of women who do not do this, but may want to add a nuance for the holidays. With the temporary products in the specialty store you can add beautiful temporary colors. Some temporary colorings can be washed out after one or two uses and some last several washes.
Almost anything is possible in color, but be sure to look at what you are wearing, match it with your skin color and what gives that extra festive touch, after all, that is why you do it.

Festive models

It starts with some attention and everything depends on how seriously you want to make your hair beautifully festive. By the way, this doesn’t have to be very tightly stylized at all.

Short versus long

It is just a fact and not a value judgment that you can do more with long hair. That doesn’t change the fact that you can do enough with a short haircut. A nice gel can remove the hair from the face in a sleek styled cut. Possibly equipped with an existing crest. A perfect hairstyle for very presentable earrings. But the fold who likes short, but wants something different for a festive hairstyle, can of course turn to the hairpieces. As described above.

The bun is hot and that is no understatement. One of the best known who has regularly incorporated it into a festive hairstyle is actress and singer Jennifer Lopez. She wears the bun tight and high on her head and where the bun is secured is absolutely not visible. When the ponytail hoop is secured to the head with hair-friendly elastic, the length of hair is twisted around it and secured with a clip at the end. If necessary, some extra clips that are pushed into the hair (clips in your own color, so that they are invisible) and attached with some hairspray. Relatively easy to do and you have to worry about it all day long. The bun can also be low in the neck, possibly asymmetrical. Just think of King Maxima or Princess Catherine. Also works well with a hair piece. Sometimes tightly secured and sometimes a bit messy. The technique is no different than with the high bun.


The braid is in, but a fuller head of hair is a bit more pleasant. Even if you have long, thinner hair, a hairpiece can make your hair a little fuller and longer. This way you can braid the hair at the back of your head (just a straight herringbone from top to bottom, a diagonal across the back of your head or as a loose braid secured to your head). Unfortunately, you have to have this done, because doing it yourself is not actually an option. Another option and easier to do yourself is the braid that you make and place on your shoulder next to your head. Such a braid may look a bit messy. Presenter Lauren Verster is a good example of this.


Of course, wearing your hair loose is always an option, but make sure it is properly blow-dried and you use the right styling products. After all, it has to last all day. The hair is blow-dried nicely along the face and then finished with a hairspray that contains a bit of glitter. This way you can achieve a festive hairstyle in a subtle way with a simple hairstyle.

Do what suits you

The fact is that although there are countless options, it is best to do what suits you. What you feel comfortable with. The holidays should be pleasant and you should be able to relax, so in addition to your clothes, the rest of your appearance is also important. After all, being afraid all day that your makeup or hairstyle will fail can disrupt the fun and that is a shame and certainly not worth it.