Working as a make-up artist

A make-up artist takes care of the appearance of men and women. They are mainly concerned with working on the face. There are several places where you can train to become a make-up artist. Some of these are vocational institutions and some are private institutes. Make-up artists can be found in beauty salons, but also on television and fashion shows. Most make-up artists work as self-employed. The profession of make-up artist is popular among women. A make-up artist is concerned with accentuating the strong sides of the face and camouflaging or correcting the weaker sides. The word visage comes from the French language and means in the face . The profession is especially popular among women. In recent years, more and more men have been working as make-up artists. The expertise of a make-up artist focuses mainly on the different types of colors and skin types and the make-up that goes with them. The profession of make-up artist has a great overlap with the profession of make-up artist.

Training as a make-up artist

A large number of beauty schools and institutions offer make-up artist training. There are various vocational institutions, such as Scheidegger, that offer training. To follow an MBO course, the requirement is usually that someone has completed the VMBO course. If someone is 21 years or older, he or she can also be admitted via an entrance exam. There are also several independent institutes that offer training, such as the Beauty School. Furthermore, various home study institutions, such as the NTI and the LOI, offer training as a make-up artist.

Where does a make-up artist work?

As a professional make-up artist, there are various options where you can work after your studies. Most make-up artists will end up in a beauty salon. You will often have to retrain for this. For example, beauty salons also offer hair removal sessions. Another option is to work as a self-employed person. In that case you work more at people’s homes. It is important to build a good network of wealthy customers, because having your own make-up artist at home costs quite a bit. As a freelancer you can also specialize by, for example, providing make-up for weddings or photo sessions.

Working as an independent make-up artist

As a self-employed person, you also have to learn how to keep good records. Another option is to outsource this to an accountant, but in that case additional costs will be charged. The mecca of a make-up artist, the ultimate goal, is to work at a fashion show or for television. Many make-up artists are usually willing to pay a lot for this, because it is good advertising and helps to build a name. This is what happened, for example, with the well-known Den Bosch make-up artist Mari van de Ven, who became a real celebrity mainly due to his efforts in various television programs.

Salary of a makeup artist

A freelance make-up artist does well if he earns approximately 30,000 gross per year. You still have to pay your own pension premium and insurance for disability. The salary of an employed makeup artist can vary widely. The lower limit is approximately 20,000 gross for a starting make-up artist. However, this can amount to as much as 50,000 gross when someone has built up a good name. In that case, payment is also made for that name, as it were.