Dry and frizzy hair? 10 great tips!

Not everyone is born with equally beautiful, shiny and radiant hair. Are you someone who has dry and frizzy hair? You probably want your hair to shine and look healthy and well-groomed. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to ensure that you have beautifully shiny, soft and radiant hair. Good hair care does wonders for your hair! Read these 10 super tips and you will get rid of your frizzy, dry hair in no time!

Tip 1: don’t comb or brush your hair too often!

If you brush or comb your hair too often, it is damaged more quickly. Do you have curly hair? It is best to only comb or brush your hair when it is wet. When you brush your hair, all the curls will come out and your hair will become much frizzier! In most cases it is much nicer if you do not comb out your curls.

Tip 2: avoid too much heat on your hair!

Avoid too much heat on your hair. Devices such as hair dryers and hair straighteners should not be used. If you would like to blow-dry or straighten your hair, make sure you first protect your hair well against the heat. You can simply buy a heat protection serum or spray at the drugstore. Divide a little through your hair and you can blow-dry or straighten your hair. If you want to straighten your hair, it is also important that you do so at a time when your hair is dry. If your hair is still wet and you run the hair straightener over it, you will damage your hair extra badly.

Tip 3: sleep with your hair tied!

It is best not to sleep with loose hair at night, as this will make your hair frizzier. Preferably use an elastic band without an iron and secure your hair in a ponytail, a bun, or a braid. This way you will have less frizzy hair the next day, and if you slept with a bun or braid you will also have a nice look in your hair.

Tip 4: don’t use too much shampoo!

Do you think it helps to use extra shampoo and/or conditioner if your hair is dry and frizzy? Unfortunately that is not true. It’s the other way around. If you use too many products, you will dry out your hair and it will become frizzier. Take an amount of shampoo in your hand that is approximately equal to the size of a 2 euro coin. Take the same amount for cream rinse or conditioner. If you notice that your hair does not yet feel completely soft, you can add a little extra cream rinse or conditioner, but not too much.

Tip 5: dry your hair carefully!

It is better not to rub your hair dry with a towel. It is better to first squeeze your hair thoroughly, and then wrap a towel around your hair and place it on your head. This way your hair will also be dry, but you will not damage it by rubbing the towel over your hair. If you want to dry your hair quickly, it is better to use an old cotton T-shirt, for example. This gives your hair a kind of glass and hardly damages your hair.

Tip 6: rinse your hair with cold water after showering!

Try not to shower too hot. Heat is not good for your hair at all. They start to look dry and frizzy, and it can also split your hair ends. The heat of the water in the shower opens your hair cuticles. It’s better if they are closed. You can solve this problem by rinsing your hair with cold water every time you shower. It ensures that your hair cuticles close again, making the hair more shiny and also less frizzy. If you do this you will really notice the difference. A good tip!

Tip 7: use hair masks!

Use a hair mask once a week! There are hair masks that specifically combat dry and frizzy hair. Hair masks are available at the drugstore in different packages. This is something you use in addition to shampoo and conditioner. Spread a hair mask through your hair, especially through the ends, and let it absorb for a while. Then rinse it out and start your normal shower routine.

Tip 8: argan oil!

Argan oil can also help you make your hair look nice and shiny and supple. Argan oil comes from the fruit of the argan tree, so it is a very natural remedy. Unfortunately, argan oil is not very cheap. You can easily pay 25 euros for a 200 mL bottle. A good alternative to this that also contains argan oil, and which also works very well, is Kruidvat Hair Repair Oil Therapy. This only costs 3 to 4 euros for a 150 mL pump. You can then distribute one pump through your hair and immediately see the result. The hair is nourished and restored. The hair is made supple and gives it a healthy shine again. You can use this in three different ways:

  • Apply it to dry hair before washing, it rinses out during the shower. This is for extra care.
  • Apply it to damp hair after showering.
  • Use it on dry hair for more shine and suppleness.

Tip 9: add a dash of olive oil to your shampoo!

Is your hair very dry and/or frizzy? Then you can mix a dash of olive oil or sunflower oil with your shampoo or conditioner. This provides extra shine and makes the hair less dry and frizzy. Make sure you don’t put too much oil in it, because the oil will make your hair greasy more quickly. It is therefore better to apply the mixture only to your hair ends, because your hair becomes greasy faster at the top of the hair because this is where the grease is produced.

Tip 10: go to the hairdresser on time!

As a final tip; go to the hairdresser on time! The hairdresser removes the split, dead hair ends, making your hair look a lot healthier. This really makes the hair healthier, smoother and more beautiful.

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