Tips to create your own dressing style

It may seem a bit contradictory at first glance to hear from others how to create your own dressing style, but it really isn’t. Of course, you should not blindly adopt everything someone else prescribes, but on the other hand, there is no need to completely reinvent the wheel. Study fashion magazines and feast your eyes; what do you like about the clothes of women you admire? If you consciously work with the clothing tips, you will certainly succeed in developing your own dressing style.


  • The universal golden rule of clothing style
  • This is how you develop your own dressing style
  • Create a mood board
  • Other style rules
  • Find your own dressing style
  • Twenty-five tips that can be helpful in designing your own style
  • Be creative

The universal golden rule of clothing style

This rule actually applies always and everywhere. If the bottom (pants, skirt) is wide, the top must be close-fitting. However, if the bottom is tight, then the top should be wide.

If you always check whether you have applied this rule correctly when getting dressed, you are already well on your way.

This is how you develop your own dressing style

To develop your own dressing style, it is best to start with a little research. For example, by reading about the ways in which clothing items can be combined with each other and/or with accessories, you will come up with ideas that you would not otherwise have come up with.

You can also find out which style suits you best by reading about it. You can also browse leading fashion magazines to see what clothes the models are wearing. What do you say in that?

Create a mood board

You can continue by creating a so-called “mood board”, on which you indicate, as it were, what the atmosphere of your ideal clothing style should be. You make a mood board by cutting photos from newspapers and magazines; You then stick this on a sturdy piece of cardboard. The collage on the board then becomes your starting point.

So you don’t develop your own dressing style overnight. Only by experimenting will you get good results.

Other style rules

  1. Don’t dress a certain way because “that’s just the way it should be”
  2. Do not exaggerate
  3. Don’t neglect yourself
  4. Always choose the right accessory to change your look

Find your own dressing style

“Own” means what suits you. Of course, you also have to take your age into account. Once you have developed a certain style, you do not have to abandon it as you get older, but at most adapt or develop it slightly.

Twenty-five tips that can be helpful in designing your own style

  1. Wear a glittery dress with a cashmere sweater (instead of a stole or bolero)
  2. Buy your clothes at chain stores such as H&M in the men’s department
  3. Combine couture with street culture; for example, neat black trousers with a fine cotton T-shirt
  4. Wear a parka coat over a beautiful chiffon dress
  5. A basic piece becomes an eye-catcher by wearing two on top of each other; for example, two scarves, T-shirts, blazers or belts
  6. A striking accessory on a simple silhouette is also special; for example Jackie Kennedy with her big sunglasses
  7. Your old worn-out denim jacket over a silk blouse adds prestige to your appearance; just keep the rest of your clothes simple
  8. Dye an item of clothing you’re looking forward to navy blue
  9. The combination of college style / ethnic chic is also beautiful; for example, a twin set with a pearl necklace over an Indian tunic
  10. A black velvet riding jacket that is a few sizes too small is unusual
  11. Collect vintage men’s ties; you can combine them with anything
  12. Old jewelry on dump store clothing also looks original
  13. Your teenage son’s shirt with a push-up bra underneath can look refreshing
  14. A worn men’s belt that is too long and tied around your waist (over a blazer, shirt or top) looks feminine
  15. A sweater with sequins is also beautiful over men’s trousers
  16. A good example of casual chic is to roll the sleeves of your cotton blouse loosely over your sweater
  17. A tuxedo jacket with sneakers (instead of stilettos) is something different
  18. Wear a diamond necklace with a jeans blouse during the day
  19. An evening dress with a wicker bag is more original than with a clutch (envelope bag) or evening bag
  20. A pencil skirt with ballerinas makes a pencil skirt less stiff
  21. Loafers with shorts create a nice contrast
  22. A chiffon dress with worn motorcycle boots; tough and sweet = guarantee of success
  23. An evening dress with simple open shoes is an unexpected combination
  24. Jeans and decorated sandals pimp your jeans
  25. A pearl necklace with a cool T-shirt creates a unique look

Be creative

Creating your own dressing style seems more complicated than it is. Simply put, it comes down to just trying it out; see what looks good on you. Be creative. Just start by trying the tips mentioned above. Good luck!

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