Yoga and pregnancy

Yoga and pregnancy can go well together, even though it sometimes looks funny to see a woman with a huge belly squirming in all kinds of ways. Actually, it is not a matter of “wringing”, because yoga only makes the pregnant woman stronger and more flexible. In addition, it helps with ailments that you sometimes get as a pregnant woman, such as back problems. In short, yoga in combination with pregnancy is more than okay!

What is it good for?

Pregnancy can throw a woman off balance, because the body is constantly changing. Regular exercise is always good and regular yoga exercises can make your body stronger and more flexible. Although yoga normally focuses on training the muscles, relaxing the muscles and training deeper tissues is better for the pregnant woman. Breathing is of course also very emphasized and although this is essential for everyone, it also helps the pregnant woman.

The only thing you need to pay extra attention to is not to continue exercises (especially twists) for too long in the first months, as this can affect the blood supply to the baby. Furthermore, it is not wise to stretch completely, because due to the changes in your body and the fact that everything becomes more flexible and loose (under the influence of the pregnancy hormone relaxin), you are more likely to be tempted to test your limits and you can overstretch. come. This is not wise during pregnancy and can even increase the risk of pelvic instability.

Getting started without practice?

The woman who has never done yoga before may not immediately go for yoga. Yet this is also possible, because pregnancy can cause all kinds of functions to be out of balance to a greater or lesser extent and then yoga can also work well for the layman. Make sure you take lessons, a yoga teacher can also explain to you where exercises can strengthen you or help relieve you from some typical pregnancy ailments. Some exercises will need to be adjusted and a yoga teacher can help with this. Just think of exercises that stretch your pelvic muscles, which is not the intention during pregnancy.

“In the end these things matter most:
How well did you love?How fully did you live?How deeply did you let go?”



If yoga is not new to you, there are a number of exercises that you can feel good about as a pregnant woman. A few are listed below, but there are many more you can do. Take your time and don’t do the exercise if you feel rushed.

Source: Unsplash, Pixabay

Yoga sleep
Sit cross-legged and if this is not possible, put your leg straight in front of you. Close your eyes and then breathe deeply in and out several times. Feel the tension slip from your body and relax. Now lie on the floor and raise your legs. Feel your lower back touch the floor. Then stretch them again, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Experience how your body expands as you inhale and shrinks as you exhale.

Now concentrate on your pelvic region and experience the inhalation and exhalation in your body. Do this for a minute or so, making sure the pelvic area is completely relaxed. Then go a little higher to your stomach and lower back. Breathe in and out again in a concentrated manner (on your stomach and lower back) for a minute or so and then go a little higher again. To your chest, upper back and shoulders and repeat the concentrated breathing again for one minute. Then focus a little higher on your neck, neck and head and inhale and exhale with concentration again. After a minute, reach the top of your head and repeat the breathing again.

Nothing for a few seconds and then you focus on your entire body and as you inhale, you feel the oxygen flowing in through your lungs and slowly into your veins and through your entire body. After this exercise, lie down for a while, let your body relax, then stretch well and slowly get up.

Lower body lighting

There is quite a bit of pressure on your lower body and it is wonderful to relax for a while. This exercise brings some relief to the lower body.

Breathe deeply in and out several times. Sit up straight and put your right leg forward. Bend your left leg and place your ankle under the back of your right leg. Now also bend your right leg and try to get your right foot under your left knee. Don’t force it, and if you can’t quite make it, spread the knees a little further apart. Now bend forward, round your back and bring your arms forward. If you can’t get all the way down through the big belly, place a pillow in front of you on which you can stretch your arms. Continue to breathe deeply and towards your hips as much as possible in this position. As you exhale, relax your entire body.

Neck relaxation

This exercise helps to relax the head, neck and shoulders and take some of the pressure off. Also nice if you have a headache or just a few minutes before going to sleep.

Breathe deeply again a few times and place a cushion (a meditation cushion also works fine) between your feet and sit on it and put your knees on the floor. Bring your right arm behind your back and grab your left arm or elbow with your right hand. You now open your chest and bring your shoulder blades closer together. Relax your shoulders and now place your left ear on your left shoulder. You now feel your neck stretching slightly on the right side. Hold for a moment and relax and reverse the process.


Plenty of exercises you can do during pregnancy and focus on relaxing your body. Some exercises every other day can do wonders for the pregnant body. Moreover, you also remove any mental tension.