What we should enjoy in moderation

Everyone is aware that alcohol or a lot of fatty food is not healthy. But there are also ordinary, everyday and healthy things that can harm us if we do not consume them in moderation.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for a healthy body, but some people turn to additional nutritional supplements out of concern for a deficiency. But too much of a good thing can also be harmful in this case. Regular intake of dietary supplements containing high doses of vitamin C is risky: it can lead to kidney stones. This especially applies to people with high blood pressure or diabetes, as well as to those who exercise little or who consume too little fluid.

To drink water

Even drinking too much water can harm the body. Especially when it’s hot, we always hear that drinking enough is important. However, anyone who consumes more than five liters of fluid in a short period of time can even die. If too much water penetrates into the cells, the salt concentration decreases and the kidneys fail. In addition, heart rhythm disturbances and shortness of breath can occur because the alveoli become full.

Drinking coffee

Although coffee is not necessarily considered unhealthy, it has in the past been suspected of dehydrating the body or causing cardiovascular (heart and circulatory) diseases. But those health myths have now been refuted with numerous studies. Coffee, in moderation, is not a problem for the human body at all.

Espresso is only fatal after 300 cups

Yet caffeine, the thing that wakes us up in the morning, is in fact a poison that protects the coffee plant from insect damage. It prevents nerve cells from stifling their activity and increases the secretion of the stress hormone adrenaline. Anyone who consumes one gram of caffeine (equivalent to 30 cups of coffee) will not only not be able to sleep, they will also have to take into account palpitations, cardiac arrhythmias and vision problems. Coffee or caffeine is only fatal from a dose of ten grams. That corresponds to 300 cups of espresso.

Sleeping too much

Anyone who prefers to sleep instead of drinking coffee because they are tired should know that sleeping too much is also not good for the body. Those who regularly sleep ten, twelve or more hours have a higher risk of disease. Research has not yet shown why this is the case.

How much chocolate is still healthy?

Less surprising, on the other hand, is that too much chocolate not only makes you fat, but is also bad for your teeth. But if consumed in moderation, chocolate is completely okay: the more cocoa contained in this sweet substance, the better our mood becomes. In this context, also read the contribution “how much chocolate is still healthy?”

Too much work

Our boss won’t like to hear that. We often talk about our work and feel like we are doing something useful, but too much work makes us sick. Therefore, it does not necessarily mean burnout, but those who work more than eight hours a day have a 40 to 80 percent higher risk of coronary heart disease. But the opposite, blissful idleness, should also not be taken too much into account. Anyone who just hangs on the couch and watches TV loses intelligence. Our gray cells simply want to be stimulated.