Am I addicted?

If you regularly use drugs or alcohol, or can no longer stop eating or gambling, you may be addicted. People who are addicted often think that they can stop at any time and find that it is not too bad. They can no longer live without it and experience withdrawal symptoms if they do not use it. The environment often notices a change in behavior and it becomes increasingly difficult for the addict to keep agreements. How do you know that you are addicted?

How an addiction develops

Whether an addiction develops depends on the type of addiction and the person himself. Sometimes it takes a while for someone to become addicted to something. For example, someone may smoke a joint every now and then, but gradually do so more and more often, until this happens every day and his life starts to suffer as a result. Environment plays a major role in this. If you hang out with people who all drink a lot of alcohol and use drugs, you are more likely to go along with this. Food addicts, but also alcohol addicts, will often eat or drink secretly. They try to keep it hidden from the environment as much as possible.

Signs of an addiction

Maybe you think it’s not too bad and you think you can easily do without it. If you notice that you can no longer live without it, or suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you do not use the drug, then this is a clear signal. It may be at the expense of your daily life and perhaps your job, social life or your relationship. Signs of an addiction are:

  • Use more often than you intended
  • Using more and more
  • Going on longer and longer
  • Getting into trouble because of use
  • Behavior costs you friendships/relationships
  • Thinking a lot or being busy with your addiction
  • You can’t live without it anymore
  • If you do not use, you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms
  • Loss of control
  • Feelings of loneliness and seclusion
  • Spending more money than you have on your addiction
  • Getting health problems

Alcohol addiction

Drinking alcohol is very normal in our society. Many people regularly drink a drink in the evening before watching the TV or during dinner. Sometimes there is too much to drink during a pleasant evening or a party, but that does not always have to lead to an addiction. Signs of having an alcohol addiction are: drinking for the wrong reasons, drinking more than 21 drinks (man) or 14 drinks (woman) per week and drinking at inappropriate times such as in the morning, before driving or before work. Drinking alcohol also becomes more important than other things. Bottles of liquor are often hidden in the house and excuses are made and lies are told just to be able to drink. Someone who is addicted can isolate themselves and it becomes difficult to keep appointments.


Smoking a joint seems very innocent. It gives you a buzz in a short time and makes you feel relaxed. If you smoke pot every now and then, it’s not that bad. However, you have to be careful because it can be addictive. Nowadays, the composition of hash and weed has been strengthened, making it more difficult to quit. If you notice that you become irritable or experience withdrawal symptoms such as sweating and shaking, you are probably addicted. Signs of a cannabis addiction are: smoking cannabis for the wrong reasons and at the wrong times. A joint will also become more important than other things in your life. You can only calm down if you smoke a joint.


Snorting a line of cocaine can be pleasant during a party. It gives you energy and makes you feel like you can take on the world. It quickly becomes a mental addiction and you start using it more and more often. At some point you use it not only at parties or on weekends, but also when you are alone. You are addicted to cocaine if you use it for the wrong reasons, such as forgetting about problems, if you use it at inappropriate times, if you need more and more and can no longer live without it. If you stop, the problems will only get worse. Financial problems arise, problems keeping appointments and you have to go through all kinds of bends and lies to maintain your addiction.


This is a dampening agent that gives a wonderful feeling. You forget negative feelings and feel completely happy for a moment. Heroin is highly addictive because it gives you such a good feeling. The drug also causes severe withdrawal symptoms if not used. It quickly takes more and more heroin to feel the same effect. You soon run into problems, such as psychological complaints, health problems, financial problems, social problems and you can no longer function. Your entire existence revolves around heroin.

Drug addiction

Some people are prescribed sleeping or tranquilizers during a difficult period. Due to its addictive effect, it is recommended not to use this for too long in a row. If you use it for a few weeks in a row, an addiction may already have set in. You think that you can no longer do without these drugs and that you can no longer sleep without sleeping pills. You get nervous when you run out of pills and take them more often and faster. You also need more and more of it to have the same effect. Typically, your feelings level off and you become tired. If you try to stop, you notice that your complaints increase.

Gambling addiction

Gambling can be fun and relaxing. It’s a game and normally you should be able to let it go easily. Some people cannot do this and by gambling they get into a certain high that is addictive. It is no longer possible to stop gambling, even if you are left with debts. Sometimes you no longer enjoy gambling, but you feel the urge to continue. Usually you continue to deny that you can no longer live without it and you may even continue secretly. You will have problems with your environment and you may feel increasingly depressed.

Sex addiction

People who suffer from this have a compulsive need to have sex. They think about it all day long and these thoughts dominate their entire daily life. People with a sex addiction are often ashamed of this and often lie to avoid noticing it. Things become very difficult in a relationship and often the addict feels depressed. Because a partner usually cannot meet the needs of the addict, he or she will often look outside the home for his or her needs. Lying gets you into more and more trouble.

Food addiction

A food addiction is often underestimated and not taken seriously. Still, it can pose a serious problem to someone. Food can take over your entire life and make you feel inferior. It can lead to depression, loneliness and health problems. You don’t eat out of hunger, but out of emotion. Sometimes you vomit after eating, use laxatives or exercise compulsively.


Any form of addiction can lead to serious problems. Because it is very difficult to get rid of it and learn a different lifestyle, professional help is necessary in most cases. For example, drug addiction will often have to be reduced slowly and a drug or alcohol addict will have to be admitted to a rehab clinic. If you think you are addicted to something, don’t hesitate and seek help as soon as possible.

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