The best diet method: The most famous diet gurus at a glance

If you are working on losing weight, you will come across their names regularly. They all have the ideal diet method. However, their success usually seems short-lived. This article lists the most famous diet gurus and their methods for you.

Dr. Frank diet

This diet promises one kilo of weight loss per week and is based on consuming a lot of protein-rich food. An advantage of this diet is that eating protein-rich food reduces the feeling of hunger that often occurs during dieting. Proteins provide a better feeling of being full compared to carbohydrates and fats. Another advantage of this diet is that you will lose less muscle tissue by eating protein-rich products. During other diets, fat loss is often accompanied by the loss of muscle tissue. Eating proteins will reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue. However, this diet is not recommended, because in the long term you may develop a deficiency of vitamins, fiber and minerals. This can lead to health problems such as osteoporosis.

Atkins diet

The basis for the diet named after Robert Coleman Atkins is eating little to no carbohydrates. People who follow this diet avoid pasta, potatoes and bread and mainly eat proteins and fats. Taking fewer carbohydrates does indeed seem to cause weight loss and, like the Dr. Frank diet, is not accompanied by extreme feelings of hunger. Due to the relatively high fat intake, the diet can have negative consequences for cholesterol levels. The diet can also have negative health effects for diabetics and kidney patients.

Sonja Bakker method

This is perhaps the most famous Dutch diet guru. This diet method is based on the intake of a small number of healthy snacks combined with three main meals. Due to the low number of calories, the diet will cause weight loss. However, there are a number of comments to be made about this method. According to the Nutrition Center, the recipes prescribed contain too little bread, fruit and dairy products, which may result in a shortage of fiber, vitamins and minerals. The diet cannot simply be applied to children.

Montignac method

This method was popular for a long time in the 1990s because it is not based on restricting the amount of calories consumed. The method is based on the division of carbohydrates into good and bad carbohydrates. This division is made based on the speed at which blood sugar levels rise after eating these carbohydrates. According to this method, it is also bad to eat certain products together. For example, eating carbohydrates together with fats is not recommended. However, eating these nutrients separately is quite complicated in practice and the usefulness of this is questioned by many. A positive point of this diet is that the intake of saturated fat is discouraged and the intake of fruit and vegetables is encouraged. However, there is a chance that you will be deficient in certain nutrients in the long term.

For all these methods, there is a high risk that you will return to your original weight after some time. It is therefore important to use your common sense and not simply believe in the sacred remedies of these diet gurus. Because although you may not hear too much from the above diet gurus, there will always be a new diet guru who claims to have found the best diet method.

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