Medicines or medications for cold sores

Anyone who has suffered from it knows that a cold sore is very annoying. You walk around all day with a bad feeling that regularly distracts you from any activity. In addition to that annoyance, a cold sore is also annoying because of the disfigurement exactly in a place where you think everyone will see it. You know it is not an ailment that lasts for weeks, but every day is actually too much. But fortunately, there are effective medicines available that speed up the healing process and at least soothe the feeling.

Can be camouflaged

However, in the early stages there is little visible because after a small swelling, very small, almost transparent blisters develop. Later, a crust will appear on top, which ladies can camouflage with lipstick or a little color cream, but which is very annoying to touch. Careless bumping of the scab or touching it at night can even cause minor bleeding. Another way to camouflage a cold sore is with a Compeed cold sore patch, which consists of a kind of transparent plaster that also reduces the burning sensation and itching. A patch can be applied at an early stage.

Causes of cold sores

The chance of a cold sore developing in a carrier of the herpes virus, which causes a cold sore, is greatest when resistance is reduced, for example due to stress. In addition, a lot of sunlight can also cause the virus to wake up, which can be prevented by using a good sunscreen. Sleep deprivation, for example during a stressful period, can also be a cause. A cold sore usually disappears on its own in a maximum of two weeks. After disappearance, the skin may flake slightly.

Medicines or medications applied to cold sores

The healing process of a cold sore can be accelerated by medication. Medicines or medications that can be gently applied to a cold sore include:



The active ingredient of Zovirax is acyclovir and Zovirax also has a number of excipients. Aciclovir inhibits the virus, so the infection will not spread and the cold sore will disappear more quickly. However, the substance is not able to permanently expel the virus from the body. The complaint can therefore also return. In addition to accelerating healing, the use of Zovirax also shortens the duration of pain.


Zovirax is a cream that is best applied with a cotton swab to prevent fingers from touching the area. Zovirax is best used immediately as soon as signs of cold sores appear, such as a sore spot on the lips or burning and itching. If the medicine is not immediately available, treatment can be started at a later stage. The product may be applied five times a day at intervals of approximately four hours for about four days. Zovirax should not be stored in the refrigerator or in a place above 25 degrees.

Zinc sulfate


Zinc sulphate ensures that the blisters dry out faster. Zinc sulphate has an astringent and protective effect and relieves itching and pain. It also has the property of slowing down the growth of the virus, but it cannot ensure that the cold sore never returns. Zinc sulphate is available in pharmacies without a prescription under various brand names such as Akolip, Herpevir and Zinolium Zinc sulphate and consists of gel or greasy cream.


The gel or cream should only be applied to the site of the cold sore and not around it to prevent the virus from spreading further across the lips. After application, hands must be washed thoroughly to prevent any spread. For the same reason, it is also advisable to have the tube used by only one person. Application may be done several times a day.


Labiosan is a less used remedy for cold sores in the Netherlands, but it can certainly also have a positive effect. The emollient is available in Germany and Switzerland, among others. The main component is zinc oxide.

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