Ten reasons why not everyone has to like you

Some people get really upset when not everyone likes them. They do everything they can to please others. They are afraid of being disliked, afraid of being left out of the group. These people are often very insecure and therefore have a great need for attention and confirmation. Are you one of those people? Then read on.

You don’t gain anything from it

It doesn’t help you if you like to please others. You are then constantly trying to adapt your behavior to others. And no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to be liked by everyone. On the contrary, at best you will become a gray mouse who doesn’t really stand out and at worst people will get annoyed with you.

You are not true to yourself

When you constantly adapt to someone else, you lose touch with yourself. Do you actually still know who you are? What do you think is important, what are your opinions? A friendship in which you never express your own opinion, in which you always have to seek contact and in which you always adapt to the other person, is not friendship. Such a friendship is empty, without meaning. The other person doesn’t even know you.

You deny yourself things

If you want to be everyone’s friend, you will not easily do something that falls outside of expectations. You will then be afraid of their opinion and that will hold you back. Then remember that people who accept you as you are will support you, whatever you do. Why are people who don’t want to support you so important to you?

Thirteen in a dozen

If you want everyone to like you, you will always act socially acceptable. So you don’t give your opinion when it deviates from the usual, you leave things behind because they are different. You don’t talk about your passions in an inspiring way because you’re afraid people will think you’re weird. So you become just like everyone else. Not interesting, reliable but boring.

It is to your own detriment

When you try to please people, you will often do things that you don’t feel like doing. A waste of your time and energy and it is to your own detriment because you ignore your own needs. Moreover, you can certainly spend your time more wisely.

People appreciate you less

When you can clearly express your opinion with cogent arguments, simply say no when you don’t feel like doing something and wear what you like instead of what the group wears, people will appreciate you more. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to be unkind, rude, or insensitive. These are qualities that no one appreciates, but you can just stand up for yourself and express your own opinion.

You feel better when you don’t worry about other people’s opinions

Worrying about someone else’s opinion costs energy. Focusing on someone else makes you unhappy, because you ignore yourself. It is not even appreciated, because the other person does not notice it. Just be yourself and express your feelings, opinions and passions. It may feel less safe, but it provides a lot of relaxation and ultimately social contacts that are interesting.

It is at the expense of your enthusiasm

When you deny yourself things and try to meet someone else’s expectations, you are not following your own path and that is frustrating. You can’t expect other people to agree with you. Very often the decisions you make are questionable, but when this is your belief and when it comes from your intuition, this cannot be a bad choice. Of course it is scary to choose your own path, but that is the only way to become happy, otherwise you will always keep thinking: If only…

People don’t respect you

How can you expect people to respect you when you don’t respect yourself? You have no respect for your own opinion, otherwise you would express it. You are ashamed of your feelings and your passions, otherwise you would talk about them. Just be yourself and respect who you are. There are plenty of others already.

It’s good to be yourself

What does it matter whether you are calm or busy, sporty or unsporty, creative or clumsy, culture lover or cultural barbarian? You are you, with all your good and bad qualities and there is nothing wrong with that.