Cotton ball diet: dangerous to health

Many hundreds of diets are added every year, but some attempts to lose weight to achieve a slimmer body are too dangerous to try, including the cotton ball diet, which came over from America. This diet involves dipping cotton balls in fruit juice and swallowing them to prevent hunger and thus help you eat less. This diet can seriously harm your health due to the synthetic fibers in the cotton.

Harmful diet with cotton balls

  • The Cotton Ball Diet
  • Alternatives to prevent hunger while dieting
  • General tips

The Cotton Ball Diet

Bria Murphy, the daughter of comedian Eddy Murphy, publicized this diet, which is gaining popularity in the American modeling world, and which should not even bear that name. The regime is frequently discussed in chat rooms and several videos have appeared on YouTube in which women demonstrate how to prepare the cotton balls . The diet can be classified as extreme diets .

The idea is that you take a piece of cotton, dip it in fruit juice or sprinkle it with juice and then swallow it whole while thinking about cotton candy. When you repeat this about five times, it will make you feel full and you will not crave food. The material is in your stomach but is not digested. However, what is not taken into account is that this practice can lead to serious health damage . The synthetic cotton used contains bleached polyester fibers with a high content of chemicals. It goes without saying that this cannot be good for your stomach and intestines. In addition to malnutrition and the danger of suffocation if a ball gets stuck in the trachea, the cotton balls can also cause a blockage or constipation of the intestines ( bezoar ). This can be potentially life-threatening.

Alternatives to prevent hunger while dieting

There are many alternatives that can prevent a feeling of hunger during dieting, even when it concerns a diet that involves eating very little.


Many people who are on a diet use chromium to combat hunger. Chromium affects blood sugar levels. When this increases, it partly blocks your appetite for sweet food and that is sometimes just the support you need while following a strict diet aimed at losing those excess pounds, or to maintain your weight. It also helps ensure that you do not have to disrupt your metabolism.


Pomegranate is also known to help suppress appetite. Besides the fact that the fruit is rich in antioxidants and can therefore be beneficial for your health, it can also help combat hunger. Scientists think this is mainly due to the presence of polyphenol in pomegranate. An ‘ appetite suppressant ‘ that suppresses the feeling of hunger. In addition, pomegranate can help prevent the deposit of fatty substances in the blood vessels.

General tips

General tips that help combat hunger are the following:

  • Eat plenty of fiber to fill your stomach
  • Eat a lot of products that are high in protein but low in fat, such as tuna, chicken and turkey
  • Drink (albeit in moderation) caffeinated drinks such as coffee
  • Drink green tea

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