Working as a midwife

The profession of midwifery is financially very attractive. There are few highly educated starters who earn more. So the salary is good. Midwifery training can be completed at college or university level. In addition, someone can still be trained as an ultrasound technician. Many students move to Belgium for their studies, because lots have to be drawn for their studies in the Netherlands. Most midwives are women. Read all about it in this article. It may not be the oldest profession in the world, but it is probably the second oldest profession in the world, namely the profession of midwifery. A midwife accompanies a woman during childbirth and during the course of pregnancy. During this period they are responsible for the health of the child and mother. They provide initial supervision and will refer to a medical specialist if necessary. Most midwives work independently or are affiliated with a group practice or hospital. If a midwife works independently, she can be hired by various practices or hospitals. The advantage is more independence and usually a better salary. At the same time, the financial risks are also higher, for example in the event that someone becomes incapacitated for work. It is also easy for a midwife to work abroad with a Dutch or Belgian diploma. These are also internationally recognized.

Most midwives are women

The vast majority of midwives are women. This has traditionally grown because women simply prefer the company of women over that of men during childbirth. In the Netherlands, approximately 98 percent of midwives are women. Men who work as midwives mainly encounter the fact that immigrant women have no need for their guidance.
In addition, many Dutch women also prefer a female midwife over a male midwife.

Salary of a midwife

The midwifery profession is one of the highest-paying professions for recent graduates. Anyone who works as an employee at a hospital earns a full-time gross salary of 2,700 euros. This can amount to up to 4,000 euros. Someone with their own practice earns approximately one hundred thousand euros. This assumes that someone cares for 120 women, from pregnancy to postpartum. All costs are deducted from that hundred thousand euros, such as insurance premiums, a car and rental of a practice space. Yet a midwife who approaches it sensibly will still have half of that amount left.

Midwifery training

Various midwifery courses are offered in the Netherlands. Lots will be drawn for this. That is why many students move to Belgium where the training is shorter. The University of Amsterdam also offers the Master of Science in Midwifery. There students learn a more scientific approach. The course was created to stimulate more research into matters surrounding pregnancy.

Activities of a midwife

A midwife has various responsibilities. The midwife regularly monitors the progress of the pregnancy and regularly advises the future mother. She also provides support during the birth. If necessary, she consults with medical specialists, such as gynecologists, pediatricians and maternity nurses.

Skills that a midwife must have

As a midwife you must have a number of skills. For example, you must have good communication skills. It is important that you can communicate clearly with people from different backgrounds and explain things clearly. It is important that the pregnant woman receives clear verbal instructions. You must also be able to listen well and empathize. Finally, it is important that you are stress-resistant and can continue to think clearly under difficult situations. There will be plenty of times when complications arise during pregnancy. Then it is important to continue to do your job well.