A healthy lifestyle is not easy

If you work from home or care for the family full-time, the variety of sufficient exercise is a little easier to integrate into your lifestyle than if you are in the office or travel a lot for work. However, exercise is also feasible for that group of people, without having to spend hours in the gym. Add to that a healthy diet, and you have come a long way.


It starts with the awareness process of wanting to live a healthy life and all that sitting must be alternated with exercise in order to realize that healthy lifestyle. But just exercising a little more is not enough, healthy eating and relaxation are also part of a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, for many people they know it, but do not integrate it structurally into their lives or start it enthusiastically, but it gradually disappears from their lives for whatever reason. There are always reasons why something is not possible, it is actually about why you would want to continue doing it, namely living a healthy life.

To adjust

If you are not an athlete and a healthy eater by nature, then you will have to adapt anyway and you can do this by consciously working on your current lifestyle. How does that work now and before you start, think about how satisfied you are with it. If you are satisfied, it will be quite difficult to change that. Sometimes minimal or small adjustments can go a long way and if you want to take a more drastic approach, make sure that persevering is the hardest part of the change.

Small adjustments

You make small adjustments to your system by introducing those things into your lifestyle that put your body and mind to work.

  • Take the stairs at home and at work as much as necessary (don’t save it all) and walk up and down those stairs at a brisk pace.
  • Make sure you have walked a bit in the early morning, as this will have a positive effect on your mood all day long. If you have a dog, you have a legitimate excuse to spend half an hour with your four-legged friend in the early morning hours. But hey, why don’t you do this without a dog, or for example just do some shopping in the supermarket at eight o’clock?
  • Add up the different hours in the categories of work, family, hobby/social activity and see if it is balanced. If not… a healthy lifestyle also includes sufficient relaxation!
  • Use your lunch to eat your sandwich or fruit snack outside. Good for your much-needed daylight (vitamin D) and for exercise. When you walk with colleagues, you use time to talk about things other than work. If you work at home, don’t just continue and get out around noon to go for a walk or another activity. You can also cycle or do some (physical) chores around the house.
  • If you eat bread, make sure you eat whole wheat bread and pay attention to your toppings… everything is allowed, but in moderation.
  • Eat consciously and don’t stuff it in your mouth, not even in the car. You can eat your sandwich in your car, but do it consciously and enjoy what you eat. Always make sure you have a piece of fruit in your bag. Also always good to solve that empty feeling in the meantime.
  • Don’t drink too much coffee, it can make you stressed. In any case, make sure you get enough fluid, preferably water, green tea or another drink without (artificial) sweeteners.
  • Leave those salty instant soups for mid-afternoon and replace it with a hard-boiled egg or homemade soup from home/or the canteen that you heat up.
  • If you, as a woman, wear heels, make sure you always have a comfortable flat shoe or sports shoe with you. No excuse not to take that walk.
  • Want to pick something up nearby? Walk or take your bike.

Source: ThomasWolter, Pixabay

Drastic adjustments
If you don’t get down to the little things, which are usually a lot easier – if only because everyone is concerned with their health, then you can also do it more drastically. Pay attention to how much self-discipline you have, because if you have little or no self-discipline, consider a personal trainer. Otherwise, a sports club can also be fine, but only start working for yourself if you know that you can keep it up.

At every sports club you always receive fitness training in addition to technical training. For many, that interplay is what keeps them going. A team or individual sport is often less important. It’s about doing something together.

The personal trainer, as the name suggests, works individually and you are actually constantly monitored. For some it is a solution to keep him or her active and for others it is a crime. Decide for yourself what is feasible. The advantage of a personal trainer is that they also discuss nutrition and other small things that you can change in your lifestyle to live a healthy life.

If you want to get started yourself, use the handy apps that provide you with training schedules, reminders and where you can keep track of your progress. This usually stimulates the man or woman who trains alone. Also change routes when you walk or cycle and see if you can add more variety, this often has a positive effect.

To persevere!

And then you started enthusiastically, but then it is a matter of persevering. The first thing is that you have to change your lifestyle and it suits you (this can sometimes take some time). Starting something very enthusiastically, but which took energy to get started, is in most cases doomed to failure.

Make sure that what you do fits into your lifestyle and therefore becomes second nature. That’s the only way you’re going to persevere. Better yet, you can enjoy it, then you can be sure that it suits you.


It sounds so easy when you see the different diet clubs, diet gurus or personal trainers. But it’s not that easy at all. But if you realize that a healthy lifestyle is good and tasty for you, you take an important mental step that is essential to implement changes, large or small.