Leukoplakia: white deposits, tingling palate, tongue, throat

A strange tingling or burning sensation in your mouth may be caused by leukoplakia. This is a gradually increasing white deposit formed from the mucous membranes. It causes tissues and nerves to become irritated, causing an uncomfortable feeling. What is the cause of this, what are the symptoms and how can it be treated?


  • What do we hear about it?
  • Chronic irritation
  • Risk of oral cancer
  • Stop taking the wrong substances
  • What if leukoplakia doesn’t go away?

What do we hear about it?

The deposit will gradually grow, increasing its influence on the tissue. The nearby nerves are affected and irritated, causing it to feel strange. It may involve a dull feeling, tingling or even a burning sensation. In other words, the palate can feel completely different, which can also cause the person to be completely upset. Especially if the tongue, palate and throat cause discomfort at the same time. What does leukoplakia mean, what are the consequences and what can be done about it in a timely manner?

Chronic irritation

The condition is usually caused by irritation of tissues and the mucous membrane. This includes regular heavy smoking, regular alcohol intake or contact with other unfavorable substances. The mucous membrane will change its character due to excessive damage, causing an unusual feeling in the mouth, on the tongue, in the throat or on the palate. It can cause tingling or a strange burning superficial feeling. Usually it will be a white deposit, but sometimes it can also occur without the deposit. It gives an overall uncomfortable feeling in the mouth. Please note that sometimes there may be no identifiable cause, even though the condition does apply.

Risk of oral cancer

Leukoplakia is the first serious sign that oral cancer may develop. However, it is a signal that can be responded to adequately. If you avoid taking irritants, the condition may disappear. However, if it does not disappear, the risk of oral cancer increases. Stop taking unwanted substances! If the condition persists, there may be more going on. Because this is a potentially dangerous condition, you should always obtain appropriate medical attention.

Stop taking the wrong substances

The most important advice given when developing leukoplakia is to stop taking unwanted substances. This means quitting smoking and keeping alcohol intake to a minimum. It is the only way to restore irritated mucous membranes, so that the white deposits gradually disappear. Please note that it may take several months for the mucous membrane to recover. Because the condition can be a first sign of oral cancer, it is always important to stop smoking and alcohol intake in a timely manner.

What if leukoplakia doesn’t go away?

If it does not disappear, further examination of the surface will be necessary, or a three to six monthly check will be carried out. A biopsy can be taken to determine whether it is further harmful. Consideration may be given to physically removing the deposit in the hope that it will not return. There is also the option to remove it with a laser. However, if it turns out that it is a harmful variant, an oncological treatment program will be initiated. Of course, this can have major consequences. If you notice strange tingling, a burning sensation in the mouth or throat with a white deposit, have it treated properly. The sooner the source of irritation is removed, the better the results. In most cases, stopping smoking and alcohol intake can completely resolve the condition. So let the treating doctor inform you well about how you can best deal with this.

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