Long Distance Relationship Tips

It can happen to anyone. On holiday you meet him or her, the love of your life. You often don’t know this right away. This can happen slowly. However, there are immediate problems you encounter. Often the biggest problem is distance. If you decide to go for it, then it is certainly not without a chance. However, you are aware of a number of things in advance.


It is important when you enter into a relationship that you rely on your feelings, but also think in terms of solutions. Of course it is very nice for two people if they both want to be together, but this must also be possible. Within the Netherlands, distances can always be bridged within a few hours. The distance from Texel to Maastricht is 255 kilometers as the crow flies, and the road network is 311 kilometers. Most long distances can therefore be covered in a reasonably targeted manner.


You can get almost anywhere in the Netherlands by train. In addition, traveling during off-peak hours is reasonably cheap. There are often promotions at shops where you can buy a cheap day ticket for off-peak hours. The entire weekend is also counted as off-peak hours. This makes it cheaper to cover long distances by train than by car. However, a return within the Netherlands can cost up to 40 euros. So it is not possible to see each other every day, or almost every day. This would simply be unaffordable. That is why you must adapt your behavior accordingly.

Talks a lot

If your girlfriend even lives abroad, within flying distance, it is extremely important to talk to each other a lot via digital channels. For example, it is advisable to use Skype or Facetime a lot. Keep each other informed of your activities. If one of the two experiences this as disturbing, it is wise to limit use. However, you will then notice that it quickly becomes difficult to feel compassion for each other.

In addition, it is always nice to talk about the small details. What are you going to eat tonight, which channel are you watching and do you decide to shower or take a bath? So it is difficult for you to be part of each other’s lives, but to maintain the love between you it is advisable to keep talking about small things.


A long distance relationship is extremely difficult when one of the two people, or even both, quickly become jealous. When your boyfriend or girlfriend goes out on the other side of the Netherlands, there is little you can do about it when you hear rumors, or when you see friend requests or strange reactions on social media. However, you have to trust your partner in this, and don’t be jealous because that will only be counterproductive. So it is important that you keep your jealousy at bay. Make sure you make yourself aware that your partner loves you just as much as the other way around.

To trust

To have a good relationship, especially a long-distance relationship, it is important that you trust each other. Does your partner always receive a lot of attention, and does she enjoy it herself? Then this can hurt you a lot if the trust is not optimal. So learn to trust your partner and have patience the other way around. If you have strange messages on your Facebook, reassure him or her and understand why questions may arise from the other person.