Ten reasons not to have children

Not everyone wants to have children. Having children is a conscious choice and that is how it should be. If you are not one hundred percent behind that choice, you should not start. What are the most common reasons couples ultimately decide not to have children?

1. Children cost a lot of money

According to Statistics Netherlands (Central Bureau of Statistics), one child costs approximately 17%, two children 26% and three children no less than 33% of your disposable income. This means that a child will probably cost you about a grand before it leaves the nest. Money that you spend before you start having children on extra holidays or dining out will all go to the child after birth.

2. Overpopulation

Sometimes people have environmentally conscious arguments for not having children. The earth is already so full and we humans already take up so much space on the planet. In the year 1800, one billion people lived on Earth. By 1927 this number had grown to two billion. By 2011, this number had grown rapidly to seven billion people, and the number is still growing.

3. Less time for yourself and your partner

In addition to money, children also cost a lot of time. Taking care of a baby takes time, but an older child also takes a lot of time. As a good parent, you want to teach your child all kinds of things, help with his homework, play driver to various extracurricular activities, read to him, play together. All the time that goes to the child cannot be spent on yourself and hobbies, nor on your partner. Many parents grow somewhat apart when the children, work, housework and social contacts take up all their time. This way they no longer get time for each other and their relationship.

4. No mother/father feelings

Not everyone suffers from a ticking biological clock. Some people just never feel the need to have a child. They find other things to fill their lives with. That is no more selfish than having children, because you also do that for yourself. That doesn’t mean you hate children, you just don’t want them yourself.

5. Stand firm

Unfortunately, it still happens regularly that people have children due to outside pressure. Friends and acquaintances who are having children en masse and ask where yours is. Parents who really want a grandchild can play a role, but so can your own need to belong. If you are not confident, these may be reasons to change tack. It remains one of the biggest taboos; people who regret ever having children.

6. The responsibility

When you have children, you can no longer go where you want. You have a responsibility towards your child and that means that you are bound. Spontaneous outings and holidays are no longer possible. You will first have to arrange something for your child. You have to plan and lead a regular life and if this does not suit your character, raising children becomes a difficult job. In that case, it is a responsible choice not to take responsibility for a child.

7. You just don’t like kids

Not everyone is equally fond of children, they make noise, are rude and touch everything with their sticky hands. Sometimes the environment says that it is very different when such a child is your own. That’s not really a reason to try it out, because imagine if it isn’t.

8. Hereditary diseases in the family

Diseases that are hereditary or familial can be a reason not to have children. You don’t want to do this to the child, even if the chance is small. This is one of the few reasons not to have children that is accepted by almost everyone.

9. Relationship problems and children

If you are not in a relationship or are not in a stable relationship, the choice for children becomes a difficult one. If your motherly feeling is not so great that you choose to raise the child on your own, this may be a reason that having children does not happen. In any case, reviving an unstable relationship by having a child is a very bad idea. Both for yourself and for the child.

10. Infertile

Not everyone is voluntarily childless, both the number of voluntary and involuntary childless people is increasing. People are increasingly starting to have children a little later and sometimes fertility problems suddenly arise. This can be a big blow and some couples do everything they can to have the baby they want. Fortunately, not all infertile couples feel this way. Of course it is a blow at first, but in that case many couples look for and find a different interpretation of their lives. my view on