Dress as timelessly as a Parisienne

Do you also stand in front of your wardrobe every morning or before you go out because you have nothing to wear? Are you tired of having to purchase dozens of new pieces of clothing every season? Do you want to be dressed well and stylishly for every occasion, without having to spend a lot of money? Are you a bit lost in terms of dressing style? Do you think you are too old to follow fashion trends, but you still want to look good? The answer to all these questions can be found in the dressing style of the Parisienne. Fortunately, you don’t have to be born in Paris to have the Parisian style of dressing.


  • Why is the dressing style of a Parisienne timeless?
  • The rules of the Parisienne
  • The seven basic pieces for the “made in Paris” look

Why is the dressing style of a Parisienne timeless?

The Parisienne does not fall into fashion traps. Although she is up to date, she is not a fashion victim who slavishly follows fashion; her style is also ageless. For her, fashion should above all be fun. The Parisienne’s style can be summarized as follows: she adheres to some golden rules, but occasionally breaks them. The Parisienne is above all chic , and she demands quality ; which does not automatically mean that she spends a lot of money on clothes.

The rules of the Parisienne

  1. The Parisienne is averse to bling bling; glitter, logos and well-known brands are not for her.
  2. The Parisienne doesn’t wear everything in one style; she knows how to combine chic and cheap.
  3. The Parisienne likes to discover new brands.
  4. The Parisienne only wears clothes that she feels good in and that suits her body and lifestyle.
  5. The Parisienne has no fashion idols.
  6. The Parisienne knows which fashion rules can be broken.

The seven basic pieces for the “made in Paris” look

Almost every woman knows that brilliant basic pieces are the secret to a fantastic appearance. To create the style of a Parisienne (and therefore always look chic and stylish), you just need to include these seven basic pieces in your wardrobe. You combine the pieces depending on the effect you want to achieve.

The men’s blazer

Take a male/female model (not your husband’s or boyfriend’s blazer). Think of (a copied version of) Yves Saint Laurent’s tuxedo jacket.
Never do : combine an oversized blazer with large shoulder pads or a men’s blazer with a mini skirt. Make the blazer feminine by adding a belt. For example, you can wear it with jeans during the day and with the matching trousers in the evening.
Instant chic : Navy blue blazer + white chiffon blouse + white jeans.

The trench coat

A Burberry is the ultimate trench coat. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable models from other brands. The Parisienne will never neatly close the belt of her trench coat, but will tie a knot in it.
Never do : choose a military model, wear it with a long skirt, wear a twinset underneath or buy a polyester one.
Instant chic : trench coat + jeans / trench coat + dress trousers / trench coat + black dress etc.

The navy blue sweater

This color is more refined than black. Buy it in cashmere because this material lasts longer. You can actually combine a navy blue sweater with anything; with white jeans or black trousers.
Instant chic : Navy blue V-neck sweater + white jeans + heeled sandals + leather jacket.

The tank top (singlet)

Wear the tank top with shorts, jeans or skirt. With a beautiful necklace you are actually ready. The tank top also works well as a layer under a jacket. The Parisienne chooses simple basic colors such as black, gray, white, navy blue or khaki for her tank top.
Never do : skin-colored shades or a pattern.
Instant chic : white tank top + beige pants + men’s blazer + heeled sandals.

The little black dress

There are different versions of the black dress, but keep in mind that the black dress should look simple and elegant.
Instant chic : black dress + huge sunglasses + black ballerinas.

The jeans

Of course you have several of these; light blue, washed, raw (untreated), black, white. Navy blue can also be substituted for raw.
Instant chic : washed jeans + tuxedo jacket + patent leather shoes + print scarf.

The leather jacket

Never do : combine the leather jacket with motorcycle boots.
Instant chic : brown leather jacket + white jeans + silk top + high heels.

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