Well-groomed elbows and knees in five easy steps

In fact, we should take care of well-groomed, smooth elbows and knees all year round. In the summer we have more motivation for this, because in summer clothes it is more noticeable if your elbows and knees are rough and/or damaged. Now that we are increasingly booking sun holidays in the colder months, you cannot avoid paying attention to these often forgotten places on your body during that period. Of course, there are other places you visit in autumn and winter where you cannot hide your body under a layer of clothing; for example the swimming pool or sauna. Fifteen minutes of weekly attention will prevent you from getting stressed if you have a last minute appointment.


  • Simple routine for well-groomed elbows and knees
  • Exfoliate
  • Bleaching
  • Hydrate
  • Shine
  • To recover
  • While you’re at it

Simple routine for well-groomed elbows and knees

Well-groomed elbows and knees are within the reach of every woman (or man, of course; it is the 21st century after all). This routine makes it easy for you; the result is impressive, and a pleasant side effect is the good feeling you get when you pamper your body every now and then.


Because the skin in these places is thicker, darker and drier than the rest of your body and contains many dead skin cells, start with a good scrub. It is advisable to scrub your knees and elbows smoothly and gently twice a week. Which tools you want to use for this is entirely up to you. You can choose to use a coarse-grained scrub cream or a sugar scrub. But a scrub glove is also effective at removing dead skin cells from your skin.


The purpose of bleaching is to remove blemishes such as scars and to even out the skin. If you have fresh cuts, you can treat them very well with scar cream. You cannot make very old scars disappear, but you can make them fade a bit with a bleaching agent; Aloe Vera is an example of this. This is not the only tool you can use to fade or even out scars. You can achieve the same result by cutting a whole lemon in half and rubbing the flesh on your elbows and/or knees; let the juice work for about ten minutes. Tea tree oil is also an effective bleaching agent.


Exfoliating and bleaching naturally makes your skin very dry. Therefore, apply a good moisturizing body lotion to your skin, or even better, a thick body cream or body butter. Please note: if you want to apply a self-tanner to your arms or legs after scrubbing and bleaching your elbows and knees, keep in mind that these treatments dry out the skin of your elbows and knees. Because dry skin absorbs more self-tanner, you should first rub these areas thoroughly with a body lotion before applying the self-tanner.


This step is copied from bikini models on the catwalk. Their legs are rubbed with oil, making them appear longer. Oil applied to the knees also makes their knees appear narrower. Which is good enough for top models.

To recover

There are special restorative creams on the market that promote the skin’s recovery process, making it feel soft and smooth again. It is therefore advisable to include the use of a restorative cream in your routine.

While you’re at it

Also pay some extra attention to the care of your feet. This body part is quite neglected because your feet are wrapped in footwear for most of the year. This is unfortunate because well-cared for feet are very important for your health.