My baby cries a lot! Causes and tips for abdominal cramps

Most newborn babies are still very calm and peaceful during the first maternity week. It is not without reason that people often jokingly note that it only starts when the maternity help has left the house… Abdominal cramps are common and common. A baby can visibly suffer from this and will cry out in pain. When your baby cries, you want to comfort him, but when the crying doesn’t stop, you sometimes don’t know what to do. This article contains a few tips that may help you.

  • How do abdominal cramps occur?
  • The symptoms of abdominal cramps
  • What can you do yourself against stomach cramps?
  • What is available for abdominal cramps?
  • A walk with the stroller

How do abdominal cramps occur?

Before birth, the baby lives in the womb, which can still be considered a sterile environment. The baby is naturally protected by the mother from all possible external dangers. After birth, the baby comes into contact with micro-organisms for the first time and intestinal flora is created. From that moment on, the baby can suffer from abdominal cramps for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it is easy to solve by using another bottle so that he takes in less air, but it is not always that easy.

The symptoms of abdominal cramps

  • Overstretching of the body
  • Loud, persistent and angry crying with a red face
  • Abdominal cramps often occur at the end of the day or evening
  • The baby is passing wind
  • The baby does not cry because of anything else, such as a dirty diaper or because of hunger

What can you do yourself against stomach cramps?

If you don’t have anything at home yet, you can do the following:

  • Carrying the baby across the room on its tummy
  • Place the baby on his tummy on your lap and then gently rock him with your legs
  • A warm bath can also provide some relief (temporarily).
  • In any case, stay calm and hand your baby over to someone else if it becomes too much!

What is available for abdominal cramps?

Solgar ABC Dophilus Powder

This is an effective remedy against colic and can be used from birth. It is a probiotic and contains the body’s own bacteria that already exist in the intestines. It has been specially developed for infants.
Every day you can add 1 teaspoon to a bottle of formula or expressed milk. The abdominal cramps may increase briefly in the first few days and then disappear.

VSM Cinababy

This is a homeopathic remedy for abdominal cramps. These are drops that you can administer to your baby (max. 6 times a day) to reduce abdominal cramps. Your baby will be pleasantly surprised by the taste of the drops alone!


This remedy ensures that the excess air in your baby’s intestines is better regulated and therefore removed. Infacol can easily be administered before every feeding using a pipette. It can be used from birth and the effect is clearly noticeable after a few days.

A walk with the stroller

A baby’s crying a lot can cause a lot of stress for the parents. If it becomes too much for you, always place the baby safely in its crib and ask your partner or someone else with whom you feel safe to take over the care for a while. Fifteen minutes in the open air works wonders. You can also take the baby for a walk with the stroller. Just like you, your baby will love getting a breath of fresh air.

If you do not trust it, always contact your doctor. You should also always be alert in case of diarrhea. Babies dehydrate quickly with all the consequences that entails! Diarrhea is usually not a symptom of abdominal cramps!

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