Pleasure pill for women

Twenty percent of women have a reduced sex drive. There may be a solution for these women: the pleasure pill for women!
This pleasure pill for women is a kind of equivalent of what Viagra is for men, it is popularly called the ‘pink’ Viagra pill. With the help of this pill, women’s sex drive can be increased, which can be liberating for many women.


This pleasure pill is intended for women who suffer from FSD. FSD stands for Female Sexual Dysfunction. In practice, this means that the woman who suffers from this experiences sexual problems, that these occur regularly and that the woman in question also experiences them as a major burden. When these characteristics occur, this does not necessarily mean that FSD exists, but there is a chance. It is best to contact your doctor for a diagnosis. When a woman suffers from FSD, this can have major consequences for herself and her relationship. The most common symptoms are a decreased desire for sex and/or an inability to become sexually aroused. Other symptoms may include complaints of pain or difficulty achieving orgasm. It is now known that certain types of medication, such as antidepressants, for example, contribute to various sexual problems, including FSD. Where a man’s sexual desire is more often self-evident, this is different for a woman. Women have a greater need for sexual stimulation before this sexual desire is aroused. A woman’s sensitivity to these sexual stimuli varies from person to person, there is no generally applicable standard for this. Various circumstances also play a role in this, such as the relational situation, psychological state of mind and medical health. Before a woman is diagnosed with FSD, the above matters that may influence sexual functioning are first examined and whether there could be another demonstrable explanation for the sexual dysfunction. This diagnosis is only made when there is no other explanation and FSD could be a plausible cause of the sexual dysfunction.

Lybrido and Lybridos

People talk about the pleasure pill, but these are actually two different pills for two different problems. The Lybrido, as one pleasure pill is called, is intended for women who show no response to sexual stimuli. This pill has two components: the hormone testosterone and the erection drug Viagra. The combination of these two ensures that women become more sensitive to sexual stimuli after ingestion. Lybridos, as the other pleasure pill is called, is intended for women who do feel sexual stimuli, but where these are blocked by, for example, negative experiences in the past that are associated with sex by these women. This pill also has two components: again the hormone testosterone, but this time combined with anti-anxiety drugs. This combination ensures that the fear of sex decreases and the desire for sex increases. For both variants of the pleasure pill, the effect takes effect four to six hours after taking it. Some preparation and planning is therefore required.

The creator

The inventor of this pleasure pill is Adriaan Tuiten, a scientist who studied Andragology (positive influence on the condition of adults) at the University of Groningen and received his PhD from Utrecht University. Adriaan Tuiten has been researching the interactions between biological and psychological regulatory mechanisms in explaining behavior for more than twenty-five years. With his company ‘Emotional Brain’ he has focused on helping women with sexual disorders.