The power of lingerie

The demand for luxury lingerie remains unabated. Lingerie offers much more than just a protective and supportive piece of fabric that remains hidden under many layers of clothing. In addition to the functional role of lingerie, there is the much more imaginative role of seduction. Some politicians and feminists question lingerie advertisements and women as possible objects of desire, but self-confident women don’t care about it. Lingerie is powerful.

The second skin

Lingerie is a French name for women’s underwear . Underwear is the umbrella term for all types of clothing that you wear directly on the skin under outerwear, while lingerie colloquially refers to sensual, sexy and exciting nothings or stylish and special undergarments with an erotic character. Lingerie was made centuries ago from natural materials such as cotton, silk and wool, but since the past century synthetic fabrics such as nylon, viscose, lycra and lurex have also been used.


Nowadays, bras come in various models.

  • Classic model: The classic bra is the well-known triangular basic model that can be reinforced with underwires or boning.
  • Push-up: These bras are shaped in such a way that they push the breasts up, making them appear larger.
  • Minimizer: This style does the opposite, pushing the breasts flat against the body so they appear smaller.
  • Sports bra: This model usually lacks underwires or boning, and is made of sturdy elastic fabric with the aim of keeping the breasts as immobile as possible during sports activities.
  • Strapless bra: This bra has no straps and is worn with summer clothes or with some party clothes.
  • Balconette: This bra is invisible on clothes with a low neckline, the shoulder straps are on the outside, the cups have a straight line along the top and have a half-moon shape.
  • Bustier: The bustier as a bra consists of a top with pre-formed cups and has no straps. The closure is sometimes at the front, sometimes at the back and these are hooks, buttons, a zipper or laces.
  • 1/2 or 1/4 bra: These are bras that leave the nipples more or less exposed and actually only provide support at the bottom.
  • Padding bra: This makes the breasts appear larger by filling the cup with specially manufactured material.
  • Water bra: This bra has a filling of water and body oil and gives a more natural effect than push-up.
  • Nursing bra: This bra is used for breastfeeding, it is usually a classic model where the cups have a closure at the front so that they can be opened like a door.

What size bra?

The size of a bra consists of two parts, namely a number and a letter. The number concerns the circumference of your body at the chest level in centimeters, measured just below the chest line. This is called the underbust width. This number has an interval of 5 cm and varies from 65 cm to more than 95 cm. The letter refers to the cup size . These range from AA as the smallest size to G as the largest size. To find out the size, measure the circumference of your body at the nipples. This is the upper width. And now it’s about the difference between the two measurements. With a difference of 10-12 centimeters between the bust size below and above the breasts you fall into size AA, 12-14 cm wider is A, 14-16 cm is B, 16-18 cm wider is C, 18-20 cm wider is D, 20-22 cm wider is E (DD), 22-24 cm wider is F, 24-26 cm wider is G. These are not absolute sizes but rough classifications, ultimately more things determine whether the bra fits well or not . A well-fitting bra does not slide up at the back, does not make the breasts bulge out and does not pinch anywhere. A bra should provide support, fit like a second skin, comfortably or unnoticeably.


In the past, a woman didn’t have much in her closet other than some boring briefs in safe colors. Nowadays it is very common to own a series of exciting sets, or a beautiful collection of lace challenges that, once fitted, have a stimulating effect on yourself and on the person who admires you. Below are various types of briefs:

  • Tanga: A tanga is a slip in which the side straps or elastic are worn higher, usually on the hips.
  • Hip briefs or hipster: This is a tanga with the sides wider than approximately 3 centimeters.
  • G-String, thong, thong thong, thong briefs, thong: This is a thong whose back is so narrow that it falls into the buttocks.
  • C-String: Piece of fabric without side straps, with a flexible frame that is clamped between the buttocks.
  • Shorts: These pants cover almost the entire lower body, but the choice of material can still make the shorts look sexy.
  • Rio briefs: These are the most common briefs, straight sides and back coverage.

Popularity string

The thong, which has become increasingly popular in our country and surrounding countries in recent years, has been worn by exotic dancers for decades, mainly in South America and especially in Brazil. And many tribes have also been wearing garments similar to today’s thong for thousands of years. The thong, then called a tanga, was introduced here in the 1970s. The thong is virtually invisible under clothing, is often used in the nightlife scene, but many women find a thong uncomfortable.


The suspender is not practical underwear and has almost exclusively a decorative meaning. It consists of two parts: A belt that is worn above the hips and the suspender belt itself. These serve to hold the stockings up, they are connecting pieces between the suspender belt and the stocking and these can be one or more parts.


A corset is a garment that accentuates the waist and bust. It consists of several vertical ribs and is tied together at the back with a long lace. The corset has been around for centuries. The predecessor of the corset was the so-called lacing bodice . It was intended to keep the waist as small as possible. Unfortunately, the forceful tensioning of the ribs undermined the woman’s health and the corset therefore has a history of displaced organs, deformed chests, reduced lung capacity and fainting. Nowadays it is still a popular item, on the one hand for the target group of women who want to appear slimmer, and on the other hand in the erotic sphere.

Guepière or torsolet

The guepière is also intended to create the effect of a wasp waist. It differs from a corset because there are suspenders at the bottom to hold up stockings. It covers the entire upper body, is closed at the back and does not have to be tight.

Body stocking

Body stocking, body or catsuit: This tight-fitting garment covers the entire body, but has a sensual and spectacular charge due to the choice of materials and transparency. It is usually counted among extravagant garments, used by artists, in the entertainment world and perhaps in your bedroom…

Effect of lingerie

The effect of lingerie has several sides. In the private sphere, lingerie can be used to set the tone. Many women say they wear beautiful lingerie for themselves. To feel more confident, to pamper themselves or surprise their partner. Beautiful lingerie must be seen, is used in many love lives, and subconsciously determines the appearance of the woman and her mood . Lingerie stores and manufacturers make eager use of this erotic concept and sell both chic and racy lingerie to women in large quantities.
Billboards and advertising columns on the street literally make no bones about it, models appear scantily clad in a sexy outfit and look sultrily into the camera. As is usually the case with abundance, immunity develops over time, but with lingerie that phase seems far from being reached. Feminists are not happy with these depictions of women as ‘objects of desire’ and concerns have even been expressed in politics (Christian Union, April 2007) about an advertising poster showing a lady in a gold bikini that made many men’s hearts beat faster. Lingerie is a risky topic in public life.

Practical versus exciting

However, the saturation point of lingerie in the broadest sense has not yet been reached and lingerie benefits from both sides. On the one hand the practical and functional side and on the other hand the secret, exciting side. The harsh reality of pornography also easily upholds the need for a more interesting way of stimulating and challenging and in the private sphere, fun, beautiful and luxurious lingerie is still prevalent, whether it is intended for your relationship or just for yourself.

“Real elegance is everywhere, especially in the things that don’t show.” ~Christian Dior