Top 5 effective and healthy diets

There are now so many different diets. Carbohydrates or no carbohydrates. Fats or no fats. Every diet promises a lot of weight loss, but not all deliver. Here is an overview of diets that have proven to be the most effective.

The diet

Although a diet is actually a rule of life regarding food and drink, the term is mainly known as a way to lose weight. Diets help you lose weight and they often work. A change in your diet often does “miracles”. However, it is often temporary, mainly because you are missing certain nutrients. Yet nowadays there are diets that allow you to eat everything and with few restrictions. These are shown below. These are not diets that are necessarily the most effective in (permanent) weight loss, but they are diets that result in weight loss and are also healthy and good for you.

Top 5 diets

1. DASH Diet

Perhaps not a very well-known diet, but it is a diet that is mainly aimed at high blood pressure. This diet takes heart health into account and thus provides high nutritional value. To prevent and reduce hypertension, the idea is to consume certain nutrients such as proteins, fiber and calcium. Actually, it is a diet that focuses on what we have known for a long time:

  • Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, lean proteins and low-fat dairy products
  • Eat NO/as little as possible sweets with many calories and a lot of fat, and red meat
  • Eat as little salt as possible

By reducing the number of calories you will lose weight. The disadvantage is to suddenly abandon what you are used to eating: sweet, salty, fatty. However, it is not prohibited to eat products so that it is easier to maintain and also has long-term effects. Alcohol is strongly discouraged.

It is a bit more expensive due to eating a lot of fruit and vegetables. In fact, the DASH Diet is primarily a “common sense” diet and is therefore one of the best choices.

2. TLC Diet

This is also a lesser known diet, an American diet that stands for “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes”. It was developed by the Health Center of America (somewhat comparable to our Nutrition Center). It was set up by the government, but this also means that there are no real support groups and you are left to your own devices. No special products have been developed for this. It is a diet that is good for your heart.

The diet is focused on calorie intake. So you set a number of calories per day for yourself and stick to it. For example, 1,600 calories for men and 1,200 for women if you want to lose weight. Only a small percentage may consist of saturated fats. Here too, you eat less fatty products. An important part is also lowering cholesterol. The diet also focuses more on cholesterol reduction than weight reduction. But less fat quickly leads to weight reduction.

3. Mayo Clinic Diet

Moderately effective when it comes to weight loss, this is another diet with good nutritional value. Although it is a bit more expensive because of eating fruit and vegetables, it also offers a good chance of losing weight. There are no calories counted and you can eat as much fruit and vegetables as you want. It is mainly about building a healthy lifestyle.

There is a phase in which many things are prohibited. This is one of the most difficult periods but only lasts two weeks. Then comes the phase of drawing up a plan/schedule for yourself. Nothing is forbidden, but stay within the limits. There is a book as a guide.

4. Mediterranean Diet

Think of Mediterranean cuisine. This diet focuses on eating fruits, vegetables, olive oil, fish and similar products. Also a “common sense” diet in that regard. Diversity is great and it is again a diet with good nutrition first. Alcohol is also not prohibited, but a glass of red wine is.

5. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is also one of the most famous diets in the Netherlands, next to Atkins and Sonja Bakkeren. There is a good support group for this diet. A points system is used so you don’t have to count calories. The costs are a bit higher and you can participate for a certain amount via the website. Points are awarded to food and you can eat a certain amount of it in a day.

Several studies have shown that Weight Watchers is effective. It also ranks first in weight loss diets. Atkins is in sixth place.