You can often treat bleeding gums yourself

Bleeding gums are an annoying problem, but not only that. If you don’t do anything about it, over time you can even end up with loose teeth and ultimately even the loss of your teeth. Infections are also possible, because where the blood comes from is an opening in the gums, through which bacteria can easily sneak in. Inflammation of the gums is an unpleasant and painful thing. It is therefore good to pay sufficient attention to it and ensure that the condition is resolved in time. The homeopathic remedy echinaforce can help you with this and not only that: it also increases resistance on your entire system.

The cause of bleeding gums

The cause of bleeding gums is usually an inflammation of the place where the gums touch the tooth. Even if you brush your teeth very well, there may still be residual plaque left behind. Especially in the edge between tooth and gums, where the toothbrush cannot always reach easily. There are always bacteria that have the opportunity to enter the gums in places that are not reached, so the damage has already been done before you know it.

Older people in particular suffer from this

In older people, the necks of the teeth often become exposed and the bond between the tooth and gums becomes less strong. Bacteria can easily settle in these tiny openings and cause inflammation. The gums become red, thick, painful and shiny and eventually the teeth often have to be extracted. However, with proper care, teeth can remain healthy for a long time.

Result of bleeding gums

You often only notice it when you brush your teeth and some blood comes with it. However, you often notice it in an irritated area of the gums, because they often swell and become red during inflammation. Normal gums look nice and evenly pink, but when inflamed you can easily see the difference between the inflamed area and the rest of the gums. Even if you press lightly on it, it feels painful.

Bad breath

What you usually do not notice is the unpleasant odor of your breath that accompanies the inflammation and blood loss. There are various remedies on the market to get “fresh breath”, but they only help for a very short time or not at all. Until the cause is addressed, the breath simply won’t smell fresh.

Teeth loss is often the result in the long term

If no attention is paid to the inflammation and it is allowed to continue to grow, the gums can become increasingly loose and the connection between gums and teeth is compromised. Over time, the tooth can become loose in that location and eventually fall out. That’s annoying, but once it gets to that point, there’s nothing you can do about it. It is better to take measures against the inflammation immediately after the first bleeding.

You can often prevent bleeding gums by brushing and flossing properly

Of course you need a good dentist, but brushing your teeth properly is a prerequisite to prevent bleeding gums. Brush with a good toothpaste and toothbrush. Also renew your toothbrush on time. After all, some bacteria always remain in the brushes over time, even if you always wash them carefully after use. It is wise to replace the toothbrush once every three months. This also applies to the brushes of the electric toothbrush.

Do not use a hard toothbrush

It is better not to use a hard toothbrush, but opt for a medium brush. With a stiff brush you can actually damage the gums, making it easier for bacteria to gain access to the gums. Don’t brush too hard, so don’t press too hard on the toothbrush when brushing, but try to reach everything. Finally, rinse the mouth thoroughly.

An electric toothbrush can reach everywhere more easily

Electric toothbrushes brush well, usually even better than regular toothbrushes, as long as care is taken to ensure that the entire teeth and especially the edges between teeth and gums are properly reached. Many people already use one and benefit from it. Even children can use it very quickly.

Toothpicks and flossing between the teeth

These are two necessary means to remove dirt between the teeth. After eating, there are always leftovers here or there between the teeth that cannot be removed with proper brushing. However, what remains can cause problems over time in the form of gum disease. It is therefore important to regularly remove the remains between the teeth, so that nothing is left behind.

Several good toothpicks

There are various toothpicks on the market. From a wooden stick with a sharp point to a luxurious brush in a case. Just try out what you like best and what is best for your teeth. The space between the teeth is not the same for everyone. Especially in older people, there is often very little space in between.

Preferably not to use chemicals

There are of course all kinds of chemical products on the market that you can get from the pharmacy and that are also recommended by many dentists and dental hygienists to promote the hygiene of the mouth, teeth and teeth, but they are not always without side effects and, moreover, Doesn’t everyone want to use them every day?

Treat yourself with echinaforce

A fairly natural way to get rid of bleeding and inflamed gums is to use echinaforce in drop form. Echinaforce is a homeopathic remedy that can be used to increase the body’s resistance. Many people use it from the beginning of September to the end of April.

How can you best use echinaforce

If you put 20 drops of echinaforce on a spoon every morning after eating and brushing your teeth and every evening after brushing your teeth, take it into your mouth with a drink of water and rinse your mouth with it for a minute, you can get rid of gum disease completely after two weeks. finished. Anyone who continues to do this every morning and evening will usually no longer develop new gum infections.

Your own teeth are important and you must treat them well

There is nothing better than having your own healthy teeth, which allow you to process food properly. You must therefore ensure that the teeth remain in good condition for as long as possible. This is only possible by keeping the teeth clean and protecting the gums against bacteria. Good care of teeth and gums is important for maintaining your teeth.