Festive clothes

The festive month is coming again and many people want to buy something slightly different than usual in clothing. Since there is something special to be found in all price ranges, the clothing industry is generally having a great month. Apart from tailor-made clothing, which you have to order in November, many people start looking for nice clothes from Sinterklaas onwards, but why not earlier?

Retail is ready!

The month of December makes the retail sector happy in general, because in addition to clothing, many people also look for gifts to give to each other. Some people stick to small things and others go big, it just depends on what is common and affordable.

However, relatively little savings is made on clothing, even if the wallet is not very well filled. The holidays in December give that festive and homely feeling and everything has to be right. Forget your worries for a moment and celebrate the Christian festival or just have fun with family or friends.

What are the trends during the holidays?

Provided that a lot is possible and allowed, some trends have of course been identified for the holidays. Listed below are some that we will frequently see in stores;

  • Bling bling should not be missing, but the sparkling part is ton-sur-ton or in other words, the same color or shade as the fabric. This gives the garment in question a little more grandeur.
  • Many supple silk fabrics, possibly combined with rich woolen fabrics in warm colors.
  • In addition to the well-known dark colors, blue/green in a warm shade can also be found widely on the clothing racks. Blouses, skirts and dresses.
  • More festive trousers for women or long trouser skirts (where you can hardly see that they are trousers).
  • Very feminine clothing combined with masculine accents, such as a beautifully fitted feminine skirt, whether or not combined with a short jacket, but in any case the matching blouse has a bow tie.
  • Blouses in bright or cream white with a large bow in the same fabric. Usually also attached directly to the blouse.
  • Silk, flared skirts with tulle and tight bodices in black, anthracite, Christmas green or warm purple.
  • Silver is trendy and silver is used in palettes, but also in silvery silk or crepe fabrics.
  • The tuxedo is always possible and not only for men, women are also increasingly seen in the tuxedo, for example with a different color bow (matching the shoes) or a different color lapel.
  • In terms of jewelry, the chains are large and striking and if you wear this on a relatively simple bodice (blouse or dress), this necklace will stand out even more.
  • Unfortunately for those who cannot or do not want to walk on high shoes… most festive shoes are made of patent leather and have at least an 8 cm high heel. Slightly fewer models also have a 5 or 6 cm high heel… and most women are still reasonably comfortable with that.
  • The man is casual chic with an extremely well-tailored jacket and simple, straight-forward trousers, possibly in a different fabric. It takes some getting used to… but it has something for the man who wants to look a bit tough.
  • The suit is indispensable for men, but during the holidays it should not be a showy check or medium brown. Black, anthracite, deep brown, deep group or night blue.

Creativity is rampant

If people have less money to spend, and that group is still significant, then people become more creative and that is a good sign. This means that people, for example, combine old with new. Take apart old dresses and combine the skirt part with a new top. And that also means that people are getting behind the sewing machine more often.

But the clothing can also be very sober and then you complement it with striking jewelry or crazy shoes. The make-up in the deep colors is applied more casually and the nails are well-groomed but sober.

In short, open your closet and see what you have. Combine a beautiful skirt that has been in your closet for some time with a new shirt or jacket. Nice dress with a beautiful new bow or put on your little black dress with a beautiful striking shoe and a large striking bracelet.


Spending a lot of money does not guarantee that you will look good. Yes, if you bring a personal tailor or stylist, but not everyone can afford it. If you have seen something nice, ask for feedback and listen carefully. Getting started in this way means having the courage and going for it, and then the amount to be spent might not be too bad. This also applies to tailor-made clothing, because people always assume that this is expensive by definition. None of that, because in addition to the advice and manufacturing costs, there is fabric in all price ranges and you can also have your unique garment made for a very reasonable price. In other words, plenty of choice. November is an excellent time to take a look around or have something made. Are you ready when most people crowd into the clothing stores. Good luck!