Versatile hair extension: the hair weave

Many women dream of long and voluminous hair. Unfortunately, only a few women have this in their genes. Extensions are of course very nice but also very expensive. In addition, many women fear that this will cause damage. A good solution for this is the hair weave: it is very versatile. The hair weave is actually just a strip of hair. This can be either machine or handmade. The weft can be ordered in different lengths and widths, depending on where you buy the hair. The great thing about the hair weave is that it can be incorporated into the hair in different ways so that many people can benefit from it. A hair weave can also be used again after removal.

Hair weave

One of the most well-known methods is the hair weave. This means that tiny braids are braided in your own hair and the hair mat is sewn on top. These braids are called cornrows. The braids are put as tight as possible for the best result. After this, the weave can remain in place for two to four months, depending on how fast your own hair grows. A hair weave is less suitable for creating volume in short or thin hair.

Attachment by micro rings

A hair weave can also be attached with micro rings. A section of your own hair and a section of the weft are then placed together in a micro ring, after which it is pinched closed. This is a good permanent solution if someone prefers not to have braids in their hair.

Attachment with clips

This is also known as clip-in extensions. A number of clips are sewn to the hair weave, which can be secured in the hair. These clips are very easy to slide into the hair and take them out again. These are therefore put in again every day, very useful if someone wants to have longer hair every now and then.


This is a special type of weft that has a strip of tape on it. This is a very quick and easy system to create a hair extension. The strips remain in place for four to eight weeks and can be removed with removal fluid.

Flip in

Another fairly new method is the flip-in. The hair weft usually has an extra thick one, since only one weft is placed in the hair, a kind of fishing thread is placed. This goes from one end to the other. Now the flip-in can be hung in the hair. Your own hair hides the thread. Flip-in hair is available from one brand: hairworkxx. If you prefer a flip-in from your own preferred brand, you will have to make it yourself from a hair weave. This usually requires several wefts to be sewn together.

Brands haarweft

Indian Gold

One of the best-known brands that offer hair wefts is Indian Gold. They offer both skinwefts and normal wefts. Indian Gold is known for delivering good quality. They are therefore a bit more expensive than other hair brands. An additional option that Indian gold offers is the wonderweft. This is a hair weave with a number of holes on the top edge through which tufts of your own hair are pulled. The system is then secured with silicone micro-rings. An advantage is that Indian Gold sells the wefts in four textures.

Great hair

Great hair is seen as an extension brand with reasonably good quality that is not too expensive. It is still a fairly new brand. Great hair sells individual wefts and complete clip-in sets. Great hair only has the texture style. However, this comes into play after washing.


SoCap is seen as the budget brand for extensions. These hairs often need a little more care. SoCap sells hair weaves and clip-in sets. SoCap also sells different textures.


A very popular site to buy hair weaves is eBay. Both complete clip-in sets and hair weaves can be purchased here. The hair on Ebay is very cheap, but you have to be lucky with the sellers. Some sell good hair and others sell poor quality hair. This hair is also often thinner, which means that there is less hair on a weft. So more wefts are often needed when you order from Ebay.