An alternative to wax extensions: microrings

Many women are afraid that they will lose their own beautiful hair with wax extensions. It is indeed true that with the wrong care, wax extensions can damage your own hair. Incorrect placement can also result in damage. There is a solution for this: micro ring extensions. Micro ring extensions have been on the market for some time, but few women consider them. That is a shame, because it is a nice alternative to wax extensions, which are secured in your hair using wax and heat tongs.

What are micro ring extensions?

Micro ring extensions are extensions with an i-shaped tip instead of a u-shaped tip. A piece of your own hair is taken and a ring is placed around it using special pliers. An i-tip tuft is inserted into this and the ring is squeezed closed. The micro ring can be closed with pliers. This means that no heat is required and the extensions are not melted into the hair. Furthermore, there is no difference with wax extensions, the amounts of hair and the time to convert remain approximately the same.

Pros and cons

Micro ring extensions have both advantages and disadvantages.


A big advantage is that they are not attached with any form of heat, nor do they fuse with your own hair. This is also the reason they were developed, the chance of damage to your own hair is a lot smaller. They are easy to put. Another major advantage over wax extensions is that they are much easier to replace. When the wax extensions are removed, new waxes must be placed on them. Microring extensions can easily be replaced again. It is also possible to convert old wax extensions into i-tip extensions.


One of the major disadvantages is the chance that the extensions will slip. If there is too little hair in a ring, or the ring is not closed properly, the extension can slip out of the hair. There are two types of rings: screw rings and silicone rings. In view of the chance that they can slip, it is advisable to use silicone rings, which prevent slipping. Furthermore, micro ring extensions are more visible in the hair than wax extensions. When an extension becomes exposed, a single wax is less noticeable compared to a ring. However, the chance of this happening is not significantly high, as they are placed under the first layer of hair.

Where can they be obtained?

Micro ring extensions are done at many salons. There are a number of brands that sell i-tip extensions. An example of this is the well-known brand Indian Gold. They sell both u- and i-tip extensions. A slightly less well-known brand that sells i-tip extensions is Virgin Lengths. This is a lot cheaper than Indian Gold, but also has nice quality. The well-known, cheaper brand SoCap does not sell i-tip extensions. However, most salons can convert u-tip extensions into i-tip extensions. They often charge a fee for this. An alternative to really cheap i-tip extensions is eBay. Many sellers on eBay also sell i-tip extensions. These tufts are often thinner than the tufts from a well-known brand, such as Indian Gold, and it is difficult to find a seller with reasonable hair quality.