Grandmother’s tips: Body and beauty care

Tips, tricks, tricks and experience from Grandmother’s time. Here you will find everything about body care, beauty care and cosmetics.


Small veins in the skin of the face do not look very nice. Avoid facial steam baths as they will become more noticeable. A home remedy: Fill muslin pouches with 2 handfuls of finely chopped parsley and leave it on the face for about half an hour. Hot compresses on the neck also help: They draw the backed up blood from the face.


Do you want to lose weight? Then take as little salt as possible and prefer to use other herbs. Salt retains water in the body.


A cold arm bath of 1 to 2 minutes is wonderful in hot weather, it has a cooling effect.

Beard and mustache on woman

These excess hairs are not permanently removed by shaving or plucking them out. You can bleach your beard and mustache and they will even disappear completely in the long term if you treat them daily with a mixture of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and spirit of sal ammoniac.

Bath to promote blood circulation

Make a saltwater bath with about 4-8 pounds of table salt. This promotes blood circulation. This is not suitable for people with high blood pressure.

Bath extract from tangerine peels

Did you know that you can use mandarin peels as a refreshing elixir for the bath? Let the peels steep in a pan for two days and pour the filtered extract into the bath water.

Bath salts

The right bath salts ensure good body care. But you need to know which one to choose.

  • Oily skin: Sage, chamomile, sulfur and bran help with oily skin
  • Sensitive skin: Wheat bran
  • Stimulating effect: Peppermint, chestnut, rosemary or strawflowers help
  • Calming effect: At a water temperature of 37-40˚C, valerian, lavender, pine needles, lime blossom and chamomile have a calming effect.
  • Good circulation: Wild chestnut extract
  • Strong tissue, relaxes and strengthens: Sea salt
  • Relief for colds: Eucalyptus

Make your own bath salts

If you want to make your own bath salts, you can do this from 400 grams of alum and 200 grams of soda. Add some pine needle oil for a nice scent.

Legs, overtired

Sore and overtired legs after a long walk or standing for a long time should be high. A lukewarm foot bath and then pouring cold water in it also helps.

Tan, faster

If your skin is slowly tanning, a tried and tested home remedy will help: Apply wine vinegar in the shade and wait until the skin is completely dry before sunbathing. You will see that you will tan much faster. If you want, you can repeat this trick again after a few hours.

Tan without burning

When first sunbathing, it is very important that the body is not directly exposed to the hot sun. Did you know that you get just as tanned in the shade as you do in the hot sun when the sky above you can be seen? Only when you are cold do you not tan, because in that case the blood circulation is insufficient.

Cream lasts longer

Your expensive cream will last longer if you keep it cool. To prevent bacteria on your hand from getting into the cream, you can use a spatula. Clean this spatula regularly.

Getting fatter

For some, the problem is that they want to gain weight. Try this: Drink as many glasses of milk as you can, or drink high-sugar fruit juice before lunch. Sleep a lot and rest especially after every meal.

Egg yolk mask

An egg yolk mask is good for rough, chapped skin. Make this mask from egg yolk, a teaspoon of olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice. Let this steep for 20 minutes. Mix it with and heat it in hot water. Apply the mask to well-cleaned skin.

Protein mask

A protein mask tightens the skin and narrows large pores. It is composed of egg whites beaten into foam and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply it with a thick brush and when it has dried, wash it off with lukewarm water.

Remove corns

You can remove corns by putting them in the water. Then you can easily remove them with your nail.

Elbows, rough

Rough elbows can be remedied by the following: Fill two saucers with heated skin oil and bathe the elbows in it for a few minutes. Brush the rough spots and process them with a feather stone. Rinse with warm water and grease with a good skin cream.

Face, hot steam baths

Hot steam baths of chamomile or sage cleanse the skin, clear pores and ensure better blood circulation.
They have a healing effect on oily and gray skin. For dry skin, steam baths should be avoided: You can use compresses instead.

Face, oily

If you wash your face regularly in the morning with warm water and vinegar, the ugly shiny spots will disappear.

Facial skin pink

It’s a little trick to look radiant even with yellowish or gray skin: Apply some colored day cream to the palms of your hands, mix a pinpoint cream rouge into it, rub it on the face and finish the make-up with some blush on the cheeks.

Facial skin, sagging

Daily hot wraps with milk help with sagging facial skin. For dry skin, use cottage cheese, carrot or banana masks. For oily skin with large pores, wash it with almond bran and treat it twice a week with cucumber juice or diluted lemon juice.

Apply facial masks correctly

Normally, face masks should not be left on for more than half an hour. The ointment for the mask is stirred well and applied to well-cleaned skin with a flat brush. The mask is carefully washed off with lukewarm water and a cotton pad. Do not use alcohol-containing tonic afterwards.

Facial tonic, containing alcohol

Alcohol-containing tonic removes fat from the skin. For normal skin, use a tonic with 8 to 15% alcohol content, for oily skin a tonic with 15 to 20% alcohol and for dry skin a tonic with 4 to 6% alcohol content.

Make your own facial tonic

You can make a good tonic yourself from 2/3 freshly squeezed orange juice and 1/3 rose water.

Hair, dull and colorless

Home remedy for dull hair: heat 2 tablespoons of oil, 1 egg yolk and some lemon juice in a bain-marie and apply to the hair. Rinse colorless hair with vinegar.

Hair, turning gray

As you get older, your hair starts to turn gray because the pigment substances in the blood decrease. You can prevent graying by rinsing the hair with water and vinegar after washing: 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water. However, you cannot completely prevent graying.

Hair, coarse and dried out

Hair that has dried out due to exposure to the sun or frequent swimming in chlorinated water should be cared for with a greasy hair water.

Wash hair with powder

Oily hair can also be cleaned with powder without washing. However, the hair quickly becomes dull. You should also not use powder too often, because it clogs the pores of the skin. If the hair has become dull, it should be washed and massaged with an alcohol-containing head water.

Wash hair without water and powder

If you are suddenly invited and you want to take care of your hair quickly before leaving and without washing it, moisten it with a strong alcohol-based hair wash and rub off grease and dust with a soft cloth.

Hair strengthening, from beer

If you rinse the hair with beer after washing, it will become firmer and the curls will hold better. Once the hair is dry, the smell of beer is gone.

Hair care, vinegar

If you rinse the hair with vinegar after washing, it will become as soft as silk. You can also bleach blonde hair harmlessly this way.

Neck, wrinkle-free

A home remedy to keep the neck wrinkle-free: Rub your neck with the cream of raw milk once a week before going to bed. A good cosmetic.

Hands, rough

Autumn and winter weather do not necessarily mean rough hands. If you massage your hands daily with a mixture of equal parts glycerin, lemon juice and bee honey, you will get soft, well-groomed hands.

Take care of hands

Moisturize your hands with French brandy. Rub rough hands with glycerine and lemon juice after washing. If you like to have red hands, instead of soap you should wash almond bran and massage with lemon juice. You can get white hands by bathing them in hot salt water for about 20 minutes and then massaging them with a good greasy cream.

Hand care, vinegar

If you rub your hands with a greasy cream, they will remain soft if you then rub them with a few drops of vinegar. Vinegar contracts the skin and therefore increases its protective effect.

Skin, long brown

With fresh milk and carrot juice you can care for and nourish your holiday tanned skin. By rubbing with this you naturally prolong the effect of the tanned skin.

Skin, dry

Do you have dry skin? Take a face mask of: 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of cream, 1 teaspoon of salad oil and 2-3 teaspoons of millet flour.

Skin with large pores

Does this bother you? You mix: 10 drops of benzoin tincture, 10 drops of lemon, 1-2 tablespoons of sage tea and 2-3 teaspoons of whole wheat, barley or rye flour.

Skin, hypersensitive

You should not clean hypersensitive skin with soap. A simple, good facial tonic is suitable for this. Did you know that tonic lasts much longer if you first moisten the cotton wool with drops of water and only then drip the tonic on it? This has the same effect as when the entire cotton ball is soaked in the tonic.

Skin, flabby

You can prevent sagging skin by making a mask of 1 teaspoon of herbal cream, 1 egg yolk, 5 drops of myrrh tincture and a pinch of fennel powder, mixed and applied to the skin.

Skin, oily shiny

1-2 teaspoons of almond bran, 10 drops of benzoin tincture, 10 drops of lemon, mix with egg white (from 1 egg). The mask becomes very hard. Moisten thoroughly before washing and apply no more than once a week.

Skin, soft

You will get soft skin if you add some buttermilk or whole milk to your daily washing water.

Skin test

There are very suitable preparations and care products for every type of skin. Naturally, you must first determine what type of skin you have: normal, oily, dry or combination skin. For this you must purchase special paper, which is commercially available. You wash your face, don’t put make-up on and after 3 hours you press the paper firmly against your face.

  • You have normal skin if there are only a few prints on the paper: Your skin looks fresh, healthy, soft with small pores.
  • You have oily skin if the paper is full of grease marks. Appearance of the skin: Pale or yellowish, poor blood circulation, tendency to talc blockages and blackheads.
  • Dry skin quickly shows red spots and wrinkles: Your skin is dull and does not leave traces of grease on the paper.
  • You have combination skin if some parts of the face are oily and others are completely dry. Other features: Some parts have large pores, others fine ones.

Knowing what skin type you have, you can successfully use different preparations.

Housewife hands

Sometimes it is not enough to just care for your hands with a greasy cream. Hands that are suffering greatly and are rough and dirty can be cleaned with borax water and rubbed with olive oil. Very rough spots are smoothed again with pumice stone.

Perfuming rooms

Without an atomizer you can perfume any room for a long time. Pour a few drops of perfume on a cold light bulb. As soon as you turn on the light, the perfume is spread by the heat.

Buttermilk as a cosmetic

Buttermilk is a good cosmetic. The skin becomes tighter and even small wrinkles disappear when you wash your face with buttermilk.

Cucumber juice as a cosmetic

Cucumber juice is also a good cosmetic. If you boil the freshly boiled and strained cucumber juice and then mix it into a good skin cream and store it cool, the cucumber juice will remain fresh for a long time.

Lips, dry and chapped

You will get beautiful red lips if you vigorously brush dry, chapped lips with a soft toothbrush in the morning and evening and then apply cream.


Frequent massage with zinc ointment makes small scars on the face less noticeable.


Soak the skin in a warm bath (a steam bath for blackheads on the face). With one hand, pull the skin taut and with the other, push out the blackhead with a wooden spatula soaked in alcohol.

Nail polish, dried

You can make thickened nail polish liquid again with a little remover. Add a few drops and shake the bottle well back and forth.

Caring for nails

Dry and breaking nails require a lot of care. You must grease them daily and soak them in warm oil in the evening. Cover the nails with a nail hardener every three days. If this is not enough for you, you can also take an iron preparation. Brittle nails should be soaked for 10 minutes twice a week in a solution of castor oil and a few drops of lemon juice. If your nails have grooves, you should not use nail polish for a while. Bathe the nails in almond oil and also take calcium.

Cleaning nail files

Dull and dirty nail files are easy to clean. Stick a piece of leukoplast on the file and remove it with a jerk. This way you can remove all the dirt.

Nose, red

If your nose has had too much sun during the day and has become red, you should rub it with fresh lemon in the evening and leave it on overnight.

Nicotine stains on the fingers

Nicotine stains can be removed by frequent washing with a mixture of strong soapy water and pure spirits.

Eyes, edges

Don’t you have lines under your eyes due to stress? Then a 14-day alternating bath treatment will help. Twice a day, alternately place a cotton pad with hot water and a cotton pad with cold water under the eyes for a few minutes.

Eyes, tired

The eyes can become very tired, especially when reading strenuously, behind the computer, etc. Pause for a moment and let your gaze wander into the distance. Your eyes will then rest from the one-sided effort.

Eye gymnastics

You will get clear, fresh eyes if you place a piece of cotton wool soaked in cold water on the closed eyelids and roll the eyes back and forth for a while.

Perfume bath

The scent of your perfume is evenly distributed over the entire skin and lasts all day if you sprinkle a few drops of perfume into the bath water. Sun bath is refreshing and invigorating.


A new perm every 2-3 months is harmful to the hair. Delay it a little longer each time, so that it has time to recover. You should not get a perm if you have unhealthy hair.

Make your own permanent fixative

Save money and make your own permanent fixative: 4% borax and 96% distilled water.

Powder properly

Apply plenty of powder to the face with a cotton pad, without rubbing. Use a soft brush to remove excess powder, giving the skin an even soft glow.

Sleeping aid

Are you unable to fall asleep and do you not want to take medication? Eat something before going to bed: The digestive process is soporific and calming for many.

Bad breath

You can get rid of bad breath caused by the stomach by chewing granules of cumin every day.

Relieve muscle pain

Muscle pain is caused by excessive exertion of certain muscles. You may experience a lot of discomfort, especially when you get up in the morning. As a solution, you can either exercise very energetically or take a hot and cold shower. Then you dry yourself vigorously and rub yourself with French brandy.

Tooth deposits

Do you smoke a lot? Yellow teeth become white if you rub them with table salt. Or you can polish them with diluted hydrogen peroxide. Repeat at most every two weeks, otherwise it is too damaging to the enamel.

Dental care through fruit

Did you know that the acid of fruits destroys dirt bacteria from food residues in the mouth and on the teeth? Eating apples also removes unpleasant dental deposits.


Fresh pineapple (not canned) ensures abundant water secretion and prevents obesity.

Correct eyebrows

There are different ways to remove hair, but when it comes to eyebrows it is wise to choose the mildest way. In order to remove the pores in the skin, you should apply warm compresses and then apply Vaseline. The disturbing hairs are pulled out with tweezers, then dab the face with an alcohol-containing tonic.

Eyebrows, nicer ones

Eyebrows become extra dark and shine very nicely if you apply some oil or a greasy cream to them. Castor oil and a gentle massage with a brush promote denser growth of the eyelashes. You can use a regular toothbrush as a brush.


A trick to grow eyelashes: Gently brush on before going to bed.

Soap, mild

You can recognize a gentle facial soap by the fact that it does not burn or bite the lips.

Soothe sunburn

If the skin is burned, it is too late for oil and ointment: You can ease the pain by smearing it with cottage cheese and washing off sour milk. Repeat this several times.