Affordable healthy lifestyle

“Healthcare is becoming unaffordable” is something we hear a lot and, strictly speaking, that is true. We can do more and more and therefore want more and more. Making people better or turning a fatal disease into a chronic disease and so on. A laudable goal, but we also have a role in this. After all, we are responsible for our own body, how we move, what we put in it and how we take care of it.

Healthcare now and in the future

People get older and that brings with it a disability. The healthcare system also wants to help aging people grow old as well and healthily as possible. In addition, we keep more babies alive (including premature births) and that also implies that more people with a defect (in whatever form) continue to live and sometimes need help for a lifetime.

Humanity has outgrown the law of the strongest, as it still applies in nature. The uniqueness of humans brings many advantages, but also disadvantages. Healthcare must be stripped down, because we can no longer afford the associated costs. Then, as a minister ultimately responsible, you have to make choices and those choices concern quality of life, but also life or death. That in itself is a difficult process, but it cannot be avoided.

What can we do ourselves?

You can’t do everything, but as an individual you can look after yourself and, if applicable, also your family or other housemates. After all, if your lifestyle is healthy, you are off to an important start. There are no guarantees in life, even with a healthy lifestyle you can still end up in the medical mill. But a healthy lifestyle also helps with recovery.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

You don’t have to gnaw on celery sticks to live a healthy life. For people who have to live from their bodies, such as models, it is often extended to everyone who says they want to live a healthy life. That is of course an exaggeration, but it starts with knowing yourself (and therefore also your weaknesses) and listening to yourself.

Power supply

A healthy lifestyle starts with what you put into it and that must meet a number of conditions. After all, your body needs that to function. We know them, the vitamins and minerals. You get this from sufficient (unsaturated) fats, proteins and (natural) carbohydrates. The various eating gurus sometimes contradict each other regarding whether or not to eat carbohydrates, a lot of proteins or normal amounts and the amount of fat that a person should consume. What remains is that you have to ingest all the substances, but you have to check to what extent. It goes without saying that you need to consume enough fluid, which is a clincher, but that does not alter the fact that many people still consume too little fluid (assume about 1.5 liters per day). Finally, the more you chew, the more you get your food. Small effort is free and better for your body!

For example, if you have pasta with your evening meal, make it a maximum of 1/3 of the meal or preferably a little less and use whole wheat instead of normal pasta. Alternate meat with fish for your evening meal (oily fish twice a week) and replace it with, for example, two eggs. Lots of fresh vegetables are always good. Just eat a few pieces of fruit a day and limit snacks. A cookie with coffee or tea is fine, but don’t have three or four at once. A handful of chips is fine, but don’t eat the bag empty or replace it with a handful of fresh nuts, it’s healthy too. Don’t forget to always have a good breakfast, because your body wants to catch up anyway and that could well be the evening meal. Your body has to process this meal faster and it is not always successful. So make sure the evening meal is not huge.

In short, eat wisely and consciously. Since all supermarkets nowadays have the full range of products, it really doesn’t have to be expensive. It is not without reason that the discounters Aldi and Lidl are doing so well. Also more than fine if your wallet can afford the other supermarkets.

Source: Panmukola0, Pixabay

Exercise is also such a natural thing. After all, humans were made to move and not sit in a chair all day. However, if your work does require this, it is good to consciously seek out the exercise. With sufficient financial resources and perhaps a little lazy, you go to the gym and possibly hire a personal trainer. But exercise is still doable even without ample financial resources.

Put on your sneakers and go into the forest or walk through the meadows or the city park. Simply jogging is great for fitness and specifically good for the leg muscles. Besides, the outdoor air is much better than the stuffy sweaty air of the gym. Still need some help, there are more and more boot camp groups and at a very reasonable price.

Don’t forget to listen carefully to your body. Does something feel good or not and getting that little bit more out of yourself is fine, but constantly forcing yourself is just a bit too much.


Balance is the magic word, but then again it is not. After all, balance is actually important always and everywhere. However, there may sometimes be reasons why something is not in balance. In itself, humans are flexible and can handle quite a bit, but it is important that you are alert and if you threaten to lose balance for too long, it is good to take action. Depending on what it is, you have to do something yourself or with the help of (a professional, your loved one, the environment). The solution is often closer than initially thought.

Some examples:

  • Energy guzzlers such as a wrong working environment; it’s easy to say that you should find another work environment (although this would be better). Especially where jobs are not there for the taking. Arming yourself in the workplace (this can be done by imagining yourself in an egg – where no one can touch you) can help and this in combination with things after work that make you happy. You can recharge your energy with this. So don’t fall exhausted on the couch and then into bed!
  • Too busy; is one that is common. However, most of the time we impose it on ourselves. We want a lot and this in combination with what the ‘norm’ is, sometimes makes us run ahead of ourselves. There is only one thing you can do here and that is delete it from your schedule. Setting priorities and above all not wanting to comply with something that is ‘supposed’. After all, who decides what is appropriate? Yourself!
  • Love in proportion; a person needs love to receive and give. That makes you ‘whole’. Just giving is not in balance and neither is never giving anything nor just receiving. View your relationships, from your partner to your friends and also your family members. If it is not in balance, you can worry about it, but you simply cannot force it. Surround yourself with people who enjoy interacting with you and people who give you energy. The fact that this process also involves saying goodbye is inherent to life.


For some this is self-evident and for others absolutely not. That does not alter the fact that it is for everyone. Sometimes you have to put in a little more effort and sometimes it almost seems to happen automatically. But what is actually most important is that you feel whole as a person. Physical health affects the mind and the fact that you are already working on it (even if you are not there yet) already feels good. In addition, love gives you so much, this is priceless. Good life…