Poncho is fashion again!

The poncho is back in fashion, it can be worn again… put it over your head and keep your arms and hands nice and warm under the, often, woolen poncho. The garment has been out of fashion for years and is therefore difficult to obtain in stores. Only the women who are able to knit, weave or crochet one themselves will make the street scene more striking with this pleasant garment.

What is a poncho and where does it come from?

The poncho originates from South America (the border region of Chile and Argentina) and has been and has been worn there for a long time. The poncho has been around since the 17th century and is a replacement for another item of clothing, which was prohibited by the Spanish conquerors. Often multi-colored and actually relatively easy to make. They are often woven in strips, so that you get all kinds of colors all around. After all, it is a large rectangular cloth that is put together and has an open center. Your head goes through that and the fabric falls over the shoulders around your upper body.

Introduction to the West

The chance that it will come to the west at some point is always high. People go there to celebrate holidays, want to have something traditional from that country and wear it at home. How often do you see such a garment being noticed and prepared for the general public?

This is not the case with the poncho and that happened in the rebel era, the hippies in the 60s were crazy about it. But besides weaving, you can also knit or even crochet a poncho relatively easily yourself and in the 1970s the poncho was still popular. Only in the 1980s, when large shoulders came to dominate the fashion image and everything had to look more luxurious, did the poncho fall into oblivion.

Against the rain

The poncho has always been widely sold as a kind of rain cape, which is of course ideal in a rainy country like the Netherlands. With large flaps at the front and back and a hood to keep the rain away. Often made of a plastic material that is water-repellent. Sometimes an oily material and not very attractive, but very effective. We don’t see much of the latter anymore, but the water-repellent ones are still sold a lot.


For years, the poncho was only seen in the form of a rain cape, until some famous women were suddenly seen wearing the poncho and its variant, the shawl (which looks very much like a poncho). The ponchos were worn in all kinds of materials and colors on casual suits, but also on nice cocktail dresses.

If that is liked, the market will of course respond to this and so also with the poncho. As a result, all kinds of ponchos have come onto the market, which significantly broadens the coat market and even partly replaces the regular winter coat.

The variants that are made are:

  • A poncho that looks like a jacket with a collar and buttons, but which is one piece and therefore simply has to be put on over the head. Handy, because you still have openings through which wind can pass.
  • A poncho with openings at the front at the level of the hands, so you don’t have to lift your poncho all the way when you need your hands.
  • A poncho that looks like a shawl. Since a shawl can sometimes be difficult in windy conditions, this poncho – which consists of one whole – does not have this.
  • A poncho with a large warm shawl collar attaches to the opening of the poncho. Since you generally do not wear a poncho with a scarf, it can feel cold around the neck.
  • A poncho with a headgear in the form of a separate hat in exactly the same material as the poncho.

When to wear?

The range of colors and materials is so wide that you can choose a poncho for almost any occasion. A thin silky fabric for an evening or cocktail dress or a nice woolen one with a shawl collar with jeans on the bike. But also ideal in the car, because it is not a thick coat that you sit on in the car. Just pay attention to whether you still have to walk a bit or whether it only involves getting in and out of the car and close to the location.

Colors and materials

There is a bit of everything, but you mainly see the beautiful woolen ones. Sometimes several types of wool are combined, in warm winter colors such as: burgundy, possibly combined with beige or black. But also the different shades of gray, which is an easy color to combine, or deep black. For people who prefer to wear light colors, beige and creamy white are available in the range. Some with fringes and others with tassels. They are combined with everything and it is very personal. A slightly different color for winter is aqua green, but it is a color that is allowed in the winter months and can be combined with both light and dark colors.

Everything is possible and in addition to wool from sheep and some types of goat, a thick type of felt is also frequently present. In terms of synthetic materials, shiny fur-like materials are particularly suitable for wearing as a poncho.