Losing weight is fun and simple with a weight loss app

Losing weight can be fun and simple when you use a weight loss app (also called a calorie tracker or calorie counter). If you designate these apps as “calorie counters” you are actually doing them a disservice because you cannot just keep track of how many calories you have eaten in a day. It usually also includes other useful functions, such as keeping track of the amount of water you have drunk and the amount of exercise you have had in a day and a BMI calculator. These things are of course also very important when losing weight. This article discusses the MyPlate waste app from livestrong.com as an example. It is an English-language app, but the Dutch-language apps largely work the same way. The app can also be used to maintain or gain weight (after reaching the target weight).


  • How can you lose weight with a weight loss app?
  • Net calories per day
  • You are your own dietitian
  • Analyzing data
  • Example of a day entered in the waste app
  • Breakfast (Total 250 cal.)
  • Morning snack (Total 105 cal.)
  • Lunch (Total 396 cal.)
  • Afternoon snack (Total 250 cal.)
  • Dinner (Total 925 cal.)
  • Evening snack (Total 54 cal.)
  • Exercise and sports (Total 455 cal.)

How can you lose weight with a weight loss app?

It is very simple to work with a waste app. You start by entering your gender (male or female), age, weight and activity level (sedentary, slightly active, moderately active, very active). You also indicate how many kilos you want to lose per week; usually this will be half a kilo to a kilo.

Net calories per day

The app then calculates how many net calories you can eat per day. Net means: the number of calories eaten and drunk minus the number of calories you have burned through exercise. The latter is the difference with the old-fashioned way of counting calories when the dietician instructed you to eat a maximum of 1550 calories in a day, for example. If the app calculates that you can eat 1,550 calories to lose half a kilo per week, you can, as it were, earn extra calories and therefore eat more through extra exercise. The app calculates how many extra calories there are.

For example, if you cycle to and from work for half an hour you will earn about 300 extra calories, with a half-hour lunch walk about 95, dancing around the room for ten minutes 60; a total of 455. This means you can eat 2005 calories instead of 1550. This way it is not necessary to starve yourself, making it easier to maintain a responsible diet for longer.

You are your own dietitian

Because this app also indicates the number of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in your diet for all foods, you in fact become your own dietician because you can easily assess the nutritional value of what you eat and drink. This knowledge is also useful for your health because it is unhealthy to have more than 40% to 50% of your diet consist of carbohydrates. With this app it is a piece of cake to keep an eye on this.

Analyzing data

By analyzing the data you enter, you can discover what your pitfalls are. You may find that you drink a large portion of your calories in the form of fruit juices, alcoholic drinks, or lemonade. It’s also possible that your portions are too large. It is therefore important to enter everything you eat and drink into the app when you start.

By controlling your weight with this app, you can simply eat along with your diet. You do not need to purchase special diet foods. A good tactic during birthdays and the holidays is to think in advance that when you take a piece of cake, you keep an eye on how many calories you can eat before you reach your maximum.

If you are not yet able to give up sugar, you can replace it with stevia. Pure stevia is available in health food stores. Because you only need one or two drops per cup, it is very economical to use.

Example of a day entered in the waste app

If you use a weight loss app properly, you take control of your weight again. To demonstrate how simple it is, see an example of one day below.

This example assumes that you want to lose half a kilo per week, and that the app has calculated that you need a maximum of 1550 calories to achieve this. per day. Because not only your weight is important, but also your health, it is important to realize that one calorie is not the same as another.

Breakfast (Total 250 cal.)

  • Oatmeal porridge 160 cal.
  • Agave syrup 60 cal.
  • Raisins 30 cal.
  • Tea or coffee without sugar (or with stevia) 0 cal.

Morning snack (Total 105 cal.)

  • A banana 105 cal.

Lunch (Total 396 cal.)

  • Two brown sandwiches with cheese 300 cal.
  • A glass of semi-skimmed milk 96 cal.

Afternoon snack (Total 250 cal.)

  • A handful of nuts 170 cal.
  • An apple 80 cal.

Dinner (Total 925 cal.)

  • Fried potatoes with chicken and a salad 800 cal.
  • A glass of wine 125 cal.

Evening snack (Total 54 cal.)

  • Tea with a piece of dark chocolate (minimum 70%) 54 cal.

Exercise and sports (Total 455 cal.)

  • Cycling to and from work for 30 minutes 300 cal.
  • 30 minute lunch walk 95 cal.
  • Dance around the room for 10 minutes 60 cal.
  • Total calories ingested: 1980
  • Total calories burned: – 455
  • Net calories consumed: 1525

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