Relaxed sleep after a busy day is possible

Relaxing after a busy day is not easy, but it is necessary. Most people have experience with it. On days when you have been busy from morning until late in the evening, it may be more difficult for you to fall asleep. The impressions of the past day and evening are still running through your head. Especially if you had visitors in the evening who never stopped or if you had a party until the last hours. However, if you have to start early again the next morning, you tend to go straight to sleep. However, that is not always wise, because with a body that is still fully awake, this is simply not possible.

It’s not just children who need to relax before going to sleep

Going to bed immediately after the hustle and bustle is not a good option. You also see it in children. If the child is played with before going to sleep, or busy games, such as hide and seek, are played with a child, the child does not want to go to bed immediately and once tucked in, it is also more difficult to fall asleep.

Busyness and tension before going to sleep are often the cause

No wonder! The body has been moving a lot all the time, the temperature is slightly elevated, as is the heart rate and the excitement prevents the body from falling asleep quickly. The body is still very active, the muscles are still tense and the child does not need rest at that moment.

A tense body also causes insomnia in adults

The same applies to adults. Anyone who has been active all day will have a body that is still under steam and will not be able to fall asleep easily. Even if you have to get up early the next day, try to relax first.

There are several ways to relax

Find a way to relax that suits you and your lifestyle. A warm bath is ideal, but if you don’t have the time to do so, sit quietly, read a book, watch a relaxing program on TV for a short period of time, or listen to calm music. This gives your body the chance to relax, after which you can fall asleep more easily in bed.

Relaxation after a busy day helps you sleep better

Anyone who goes straight to bed after a busy day and, thanks to over-tiredness, still falls asleep within a reasonable time, usually sleeps more restlessly and also dreams more. Sleep therefore does not bring the relaxation and recovery of the body that can normally be expected. The next morning you wake up not rested, but still tired. No wonder, because body and mind have built on the previous day.

People often continue to work at night

Those who have been in the car all day usually drive even further at night while they sleep, and those who have been working at home all day until the early hours of the morning continue to work in their sleep at night. The next morning the person has not made any progress with the work, but is tired from it. In this way, sleep brings little or no recovery to tired muscles and body parts.

Anyone who pays attention will notice it

When you go to bed in the evening after a very busy day, it is possible that the muscles of the back are still tense. Also in the lying position. The middle of the back in particular is sometimes kept straight, without you noticing. Try to pay attention to that. If you notice that your back is tense, consciously relax those muscles. Let your back “sink” so that it touches the bed in a good, relaxed way. This way you will have less difficulty falling asleep.

Relaxation is especially necessary after an argument

If there has been a disagreement with your partner, family, friends or acquaintances, relaxation before going to sleep is very necessary. While sitting in a comfortable position, try to relax all the muscles. Starting with the muscles of the head, face, neck and throat, shoulders, arms, torso, legs and feet. This relaxes and relaxes every muscle in the body, so that you feel completely relaxed at the end of the exercise.

Don’t let the attention wander

Try to pay attention to each group of muscles. Don’t let your attention wander, especially to the state of stress in the hours before. It takes some practice, but after a few times you will get better at it. You can also do these exercises in bed if you cannot fall asleep. It often helps. What also helps is coming up with a strategy to resolve the dispute with the other person. Once you know what to do, it will be easier for you to fall asleep.

Sleeping during the day may also contribute to insomnia at night

Many older people lie down for an hour in the afternoon and then take a nap. There is nothing wrong with that, because many older people could use that nap. However, if you wake up after a few hours every night, it is wise to lie down in the afternoon and give the body some rest, but not to go to sleep, so that you are also tired enough in the evening to get a good night’s sleep. In the afternoon, read a book, a magazine or watch a relaxing film on TV.

If worries keep you awake

If you go to bed after a relaxing half hour, but your worries are keeping you awake, try to banish them from your mind for the moment. That’s certainly not easy, but what can you solve while you’re in bed? Correct. Nothing. It is better to start a new day the next morning with a good night’s sleep. A well-rested mind can better cope with daily problems.

For a moment, throw away the worries in your mind completely

Precisely because you cannot do anything at night to solve the problems, you can better ensure that you can sleep well. Be aware that there is nothing you can do about it at the moment and put the problem completely out of your mind. You can do this, for example, by making a mental package of all your worries and imaginary throwing it into the bedroom cupboard. They will come out of there on their own tomorrow morning and return to you. There’s no point in losing sleep over it. Also resolve to find solutions for it the next day. This way you can sleep peacefully.

Unsolvable problems can prevent you from falling asleep relaxed

Sometimes there are problems that cannot be solved. A dispute with a partner, family member, friend or acquaintance who no longer wants to talk to you to find a solution. Sometimes a child has also gone in the wrong direction and has lost himself in a wrong way of life, about which you are very concerned. If you have done everything you can to help that child and the situation does not improve, leave them alone. Then try to put that problem aside.

After some practice, you can place them next to you as best as possible

If nothing can be done about it, you will no longer be able to do anything with it and you will only damage your own health. It’s not easy, and sometimes it doesn’t quite work out, but it’s necessary. Try it. You always need the other person to solve mutual problems, but if they do not want to talk about it, it is better to leave the problem alone. After all, there is nothing you can do about it anymore. Over time it will give you more peace of mind.

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