Amanprana: where to buy?

Amanprana produces various products that are good for people and the environment and free of chemicals. The best known are cosmetics and skin products, but Amanprana has a very broad spectrum of products. Read all about Amanprana products below and find out what the online sales points and regular stores are.


  • The Amanprana brand
  • Amanprana points of sale
  • Amanprana cosmetics and skin products
  • Other Amanprana products

The Amanprana brand

Amanprana was founded by the Belgian Bart Maes. Amanprana products are characterized by the fact that no chemicals are used, the products contain only natural ingredients. The principles of the brand are very sustainable, as the ingredients come from organic farmers and the products may not cause harm to people or the environment. With this approach, Amanprana is trying to counteract the large cosmetics companies that often add harmful chemicals to their products. The sustainable thinking combined with the beautiful packaging ensures that the Amanprana brand is becoming increasingly popular.

Amanprana points of sale

Amanprana products are sold in various countries in Europe, including the Netherlands. But how do you find the sales points and where are the products most affordable? Below are tips.

Buy Amanprana online

Amanprana products are easiest to purchase online. You can easily find online stores via online search engines. The prices online are also a lot lower than in normal stores. In addition, you don’t even have to leave your chair, the products are delivered to your home.


The products are also sold through regular stores, although there are no large national drugstore chains among them. Most selling stores are smaller-scale health food stores, which means it is not possible to obtain Amanprana products in every village. You will have to specifically visit one of the selling stores. An overview of the points of sale can be generated via the website of Noble House (the parent company). The name of the store and the address details of the store are shown for each point of sale. It is also indicated for each sales point which Amanprana product groups are sold.

Amanprana cosmetics and skin products

Amanprana is best known for its cosmetic and skin care products. As previously indicated, the products consist solely of natural ingredients and are free of chemicals. Below is a list of the skin care products within the range:

  • Amanprana Facial Oil
  • Amanprana Body and Massage Oil
  • Amanprana Scrubs
  • Amanprana Mondolie
  • Amanprana Shangri-la Eye contour and facial serum
  • Amanprana Shaving Oil
  • Amanprana Skin products for babies, toddlers and preschoolers
  • Amanprana Gift Packaging

The cosmetics and skin care products are available in different designs and scents. Each version is suitable for a different moment. For example, there are versions that are suitable for relaxation, for a good night’s sleep or for invigorating effects, and so on.

Other Amanprana products

In addition to the skin care products, Amanprana has various other products in its range. The different product groups are as follows:

  • Amanprana traditional fats: coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil
  • Amanprana wheat germ as a nutritional supplement
  • Gamma Gula Java coconut blossom sugar
  • Amanprana walnut oil and olive oil for food preparation
  • Gula Java performance drinks
  • Kotobuki tea
  • Amanprana coconut fibers for bowel movements

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