Beauty: (temporary) wrinkles

Beauty is a relative concept, because beauty is different for everyone. What is fairly universal is a face that we already call “aging beautifully”. This means that when we get to the point where a face has been surgically tightened, we actually call it “fake”. If you do have something done, it must be somewhat in proportion and that is precisely – literally and figuratively – the cutting edge of the plastic surgeon. Do we allow ourselves to grow older as we are or should we not have some things “done” after all?

Artificially beautify

The fact that we talk about doing it means that we still prefer not to talk about going under the knife for our faces. While the sagging belly from carrying the children or the sagging breasts from nursing can be openly explained as something for which you want to go under the knife. After all, that can bother you or name the explanation that everyone gives. In fact, it is no different from the face, except that smoothing a face is seen as necessarily wanting to look younger and your breasts or stomach do not lift.

Temporary artificial solutions

Of course, there are also temporary solutions in the form of fillers and botox. If you have this done at a recognized clinic (always read references, there are quite a few of them!), you will be free of it for a few months. The décolleté absorbs the temporary solutions better and you do not have to go to the clinic as often. The substances are absorbed faster in your face.

Pure nature

On the other hand, there is a growing group of people who simply want to let nature take its course. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take good care of yourself, but you don’t want to use cosmetic procedures.


A wrinkle is a fold in the surface, the top layer of skin. Collagen and elastin are proteins that decrease as you get older and you can keep up with this a little with good skin care, but eventually wrinkles still form. Wrinkles are caused by the shape of your face, very frequently raised eyebrows can lead to wrinkles on the forehead and frequently looking at something with squinted eyes (for example looking into the sun) contributes to wrinkles at the outer corner of the eye. These are all things you can think about, as difficult as it may be given that it is usually a habit.

To sleep

What becomes more difficult are the sleep wrinkles. These wrinkles disappear over time, but if they appear regularly and you get older, they disappear less quickly until at some point they no longer disappear at all.

Sleeping is good, sleeping is important. But that nice bed and that wonderfully soft pillow can also give you a wrinkle, first temporary and then permanent. Your face can be quite crumpled in the morning just after getting up and your face can easily develop one or more vertical wrinkles. Sometimes this also applies to your décolleté. Only if you sleep on your back will it not bother you, otherwise almost everyone will experience it at some point.

There are some things that can help and the most important one is actually the pillowcase. The point is that you have a nice smooth surface, so you reduce friction with the skin. Silk or satin is best for this. Otherwise you will teach yourself to sleep on your back, but if you snore, this is not recommended. Finally, facial gymnastics in the early morning also sometimes helps. Stimulating the different muscle groups for a few minutes is good for blood circulation. It is even easier for the décolleté, because you have special pillows that you wear between your breasts during your sleeping hours. Not very sexy, but effective.

Healthy lifestyle

It goes without saying that a healthy lifestyle and especially not smoking is better for preserving your skin. Smoking is disastrous, so that is the first thing you should avoid. But enough fruit and vegetables, oily fish and limited meat and carbohydrates are the well-known things that also contribute to beautiful aging skin. Exercise is also part of that. Getting out into the fresh air and walking or cycling for at least an hour or so a day is good for your entire body, including your face.


Wrinkles are part of it, even though we can do a lot to advance or remove those wrinkles. But even without drastic measures, you can go a long way with some minimal aids and a healthy lifestyle, and whatever wrinkle comes, it will come.