Growing old healthily

We all want to grow old healthily, but unfortunately that is not for everyone. After all, even if you live a healthy life, if you have been given a defect in the genes, you cannot simply undo it. But other than that, you can do quite a lot yourself to lead a pleasant and healthy life. Which does not alter the fact that the temptations in this malleable world are very great. For many people, life goes the way it goes and perhaps that is true, but that does not alter the fact that there is still plenty to influence in a positive way. While a number of aspects are known to everyone, this does not apply to everything. According to many researchers, with a healthy lifestyle we can easily extend our lives by 6 to 9 years. We assume healthy aging, because we find the quality of life increasingly important.

Past versus present

In the past, life was a lot simpler and after working all your life and raising children, you got old and you just had to accept how pleasant or unpleasant you grew old. Medical science was far from advanced and we knew much less about our diet, what was good and what was not good.

We now have that knowledge, but it also makes everything a little more complex. There is excess and there are many more temptations. Growing older in good health means that we live longer and that costs money anyway. Diseases can be solved or a fatal disease can be turned into a chronic disease. However, this comes at a price and that causes other problems in society, because young people have to earn it before older ones. In itself a nice system, because in this way everyone contributes to society. Only when the elderly get older, it is not all that easy anymore and we also create a problem with progress.

Source: July6, Pixabay

Vital It
makes sense for several reasons to be vital until old age and to be able to do everything yourself as much as possible, this makes you less dependent. Fortunately, we have plenty of examples of this, but you have to do something for that. That usually doesn’t happen automatically.

Healthy living

We are now familiar with the well-known things such as moderate or no alcohol, no smoking, healthy eating and sufficient exercise. There are more aspects that clearly contribute to healthy aging.

People are social animals

With some exceptions, people thrive better with other people around them. In the Western world, people are more likely to be pushed aside as they get older, if not in other cultures. There, life wisdom is, as it were, cherished and older, wise people are naturally included in the community. Which gives a sense of community from a perspective and the role when someone is actually older.

Natural movement

A lot of exercise is good and important, there is that realization. More and more people are acting accordingly and trying to incorporate sufficient exercise into their lifestyle. Although it is not easy, it is better to incorporate natural movement more into life. Trying to incorporate things that were long taken for granted in the past already yields a large part of the body’s natural movement. Consider:

  • Just running to get an errand in between.
  • Taking children to and from school on a walk through the neighborhood. If you have a dog, bring it along.
  • Just take the stairs where possible, even if there is a lift or escalator.
  • Walking to visit friends or acquaintances (unless it is really too far).
  • With the full laundry basket through the house to the washing line (also smells better than the dryer).
  • Help people when something needs to be done in the house (for example, if you can help with handy hands or with cleaning).

The list is actually endless and is more about how we go about our lives. We do what can be automated and where the car or lift can help us, we apply this. Sometimes just not doing this brings you more into your natural movement.


It is seen as something for the elderly, but even when you are young, taking your rest moments is important. On the one hand, overseeing and thinking things through and, on the other hand, simply giving the body and mind a break, gives you new energy and makes you more balanced as a person. This balance is necessary for balanced aging and a greater chance of a healthy aging body.

Engage in confrontation

We are so used to confrontation and this can be very important in order to make progress. After all, friction gives shine. However, here too you have to find the balance by interacting with like-minded people. In addition to these contradictions, this also provides a form of safety and security. And all those aspects are important in human life.


Of course, balance is important in life and the chance to bring your passions and goals to fruition increases in this way. But sometimes we think more complex than reality is. The only thing that is important is that you think about it more consciously, do not take the Western way of life for granted and use your common sense.