Poor sleep after menopause due to low blood sugar levels

It is striking that women in particular suffer from sleep problems. Poor sleep is quite annoying and can make you extremely tired. Some sleep problems can be explained and something can be done about them in a fairly simple way. So there is some hope for those who have trouble sleeping. Although it can sometimes take some time to find the cause. Two possible causes can be mentioned, namely blood sugar problems and hormonal causes. The adrenal glands can play a major role in this regard. Difficulty falling asleep can be caused by worrying too much. It may also happen that you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and cannot fall back asleep. There may of course be several reasons why one cannot sleep well. Two of them are:

  • Blood sugar problems
  • Medication

Blood sugar problems

The reason some people wake up in the middle of the night could very well be a blood sugar problem. Especially if you always wake up around 3 am and then can’t fall asleep properly. If you already suffer from blood sugar level fluctuations during the day and, for example, suffer from hypoglycemia, there is a good chance that you will also have a crash around three o’clock in the morning because of the sugars. Or if you always want to snack after dinner until bedtime, this can also indicate changes in blood sugar levels. If you think this could be the reason for waking up during the night, fortunately you can do something about it.

Keeping blood sugar levels stable

One should try to stabilize the blood sugar, which is possible by:

  • Avoid high glycemic products
  • to eat regularly
  • eat protein, some fat and preferably fiber with every meal
  • taking chromium and melatonin

High glycemic products such as sugars, white flour and fruit juices provide energy too quickly. The energy level will rise quickly but also fall quickly. You should try to avoid these major differences in sugars in the blood. Breakfast is certainly very important, never skip it, even if you are not hungry. Breakfast sets the tone for blood sugar levels for the rest of the day (and night). To keep the sugar content stable, it is very good to always eat some proteins and fats with every meal you eat. Taking 200 mcg of chromium per day ensures that you crave less sugar and it also ensures that the body can use insulin better.

Adrenal gland support

It’s probably not the hormones you think that can cause sleep problems after menopause. Many women after menopause suffer from adrenal fatigue because the adrenal glands have to work harder around menopause. The adrenal glands can cause you to produce more hormones so that you worry more, for example, or that you suddenly produce more adrenaline in the middle of the night and then wake up. Adrenal fatigue can also cause you to produce fewer hormones than you need, making you feel tired when you wake up. Many menopausal complaints are actually complaints that arise from adrenal fatigue. You can support the adrenal glands through light exercise during the day. Definitely do not exercise excessively, as this will overload the adrenal glands. Just exercise slowly, which ensures that your body can get rid of stress hormones.


A distinction can be made:

  • vitamin B complex
  • adrenal gland supplements
  • certain herbs

Vitamin B complex is an anti-stress remedy. Stress, anxiety and depression also often result in a vitamin B deficiency. All B vitamins in a B complex provide support to the adrenal glands. Various types of adrenal gland supplements are commercially available. An example of this is Adrenal complex from AOV. This complex contains a combination of organ concentrates and micronutrients that can support adrenal function in such situations. Another brand is Biotics, which sells Cytozym AD as a supplement to support the adrenal glands. Of course, there are other manufacturers who also sell adrenal supplements.
There are also some herbs that support the adrenal glands such as Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng, Wild Yam and licorice root (the latter not for people with high blood pressure). It just depends on what you choose. A magnesium oil foot bath just before going to sleep is another tip, it is wonderfully relaxing.

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