Health: Suffer from red eyes

No, we are not talking about the man or woman who was born with albinism (the lack of pigment in hair and skin, resulting in white skin and red eyes). This concerns a man or woman where the white of the eye is irritated and strong red veins become visible. There are various reasons why someone may occasionally or very regularly suffer from this. In addition to being unattractive, it can also be extremely painful. Your eyes are vulnerable, so don’t wait, act. What to do?

What does ‘red eyes’ mean?

Everyone suffers from red eyes at some point, it is an irritation of the transparent mucous membrane that covers the white part of the eye. The membrane of the eye then looks red and the veins are clearly visible on the white. By blinking, sufficient moisture should be rubbed over the eye, but it feels as if there is too little moisture and your eyes sometimes try to correct this by producing a lot of tear fluid, with the result that you get a kind of weepy eyes.

Various studies (two recent studies from the US and GB) have shown that we are increasingly suffering from irritated eyes. This is largely due to the increasing use of computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. In addition, all new homes and offices are delivered with at least a ventilation system and this is also a major cause of irritated eyes. Climate/temperature controllers are increasingly present in offices and the air is often too dry or incorrectly adjusted. Spending your working days in such a space could therefore also be the culprit. The latter is seen as a major problem, especially among lens wearers, and can also be combined with spending too much time in front of the computer.


There are several reasons why you can get red eyes. Some of the most common:

  • If you lack sleep, it usually lasts for several days.
  • A good drink behind your teeth.
  • Long term exposure to cigarette smoke
  • Working behind the computer for a longer period of time (at least a few hours).
  • Getting an irritant in the eyes (e.g. shampoo or chlorinated water).
  • Wearing lenses for too long or incorrectly.
  • Rubbing the eyes frequently.
  • Living/working in a climate/temperature or ventilation system that is not optimally coordinated.

If you are not bothered by the above and you continue to have those typical red eyes, it is a good idea to have the doctor take a look at your eyes. There may be something else going on.


Quick and dirty

If you need to get rid of those red eyes very quickly, for example because you are about to go to a party, there are drops that immediately make the whites of your eyes white again. These drops are also widely used by people on television and actors, for example. A natural way to get results fairly quickly is to lie on your eyes for a moment with cucumber slices or chamomile tea bags.
As a woman, you can also work with certain colors of eye shadow and kohl to make the white appear whiter. Take kohl and put it on the inside of the lower eyelid and/or put a green eye shadow on the eyelid and perhaps a thin line under the eyelid. This color neutralizes.


If you know the cause, the best way to avoid it is simple and quick. But that is not always possible. Just think of the climate control in an office. You can grumble and ask them to look at it again (especially if more people are affected by it), but that doesn’t mean it will be solved.
You also don’t always miss a party because you might be faced with a red-eye the next day.

The best thing to do in that case is to make sure you have eye drops with you. It is almost always about that irritated mucous membrane and by helping your eyes with extra moisture, so to speak, you neutralize the problem and your eyes return to normal. It goes without saying that if you are in a certain room longer, you should also drip more often. Follow the instructions on the packaging carefully or consult with your doctor about what is best to do.

The third solution is to avoid situations that lead to red eyes, and this is of course possible in several cases. You can step out of a smoky room, and if you smoke yourself, you have to ask yourself whether it outweighs that cigarette. You can set an alarm for the time you spend at the computer and therefore do something else when the alarm goes off and you can prevent contact with chlorinated water in the swimming pool by using special goggles.

In the case of red eyes and lenses, it may be a rookie mistake, but if not, go back to your optician and decide whether you need different drops or whether there is something else going on with your lenses .


This way you can always check whether there is a structural solution for the cause of red eyes and if there is not, make sure you have some drops with you. It is true that you cannot leave drops in your bag forever. So if you only need drops occasionally, take drops in individual pipettes. One pipette is sufficient for two eyes, works well and is barely more expensive than a bottle.