BDSM, sado macochism scary or interesting?

BDSM is often seen as scary, a world in which it is difficult to penetrate, think of dark places and “weird” people. But BDSM is none of these! If you have interests or feelings that you cannot place, for example your dominant or submissive feelings, read and integrate into the world of BDSM.. SM, a world in which people with submissive or dominant feelings can express themselves. If you are walking around with SM feelings, it is important to read about this and decide whether you want to take the first steps in this world, or whether you stick to fantasizing.

Questions and answers about BDSM

How do I find out if I have BDSM feelings?

BDSM feelings can be divided into three categories:

  1. Submissive or submissive.
  2. Predominant or Dominant.
  3. Switch or Dominant and submissive.

If you have one of these feelings and fantasize about exercising them, then you have BDSM feelings.

Is BDSM something for me?

It is important to read a lot first and not just jump into something, by reading a lot about this subject you can decide whether it is something you want to get started with.

Am I weird now?

Just like someone is lesbian or gay, or likes Brussels sprouts, and someone else doesn’t, you can have these feelings. It is not strange, fortunately we are all individuals with our own needs and feelings, when you delve into the world of SM you will find out that it is not strange but a need.

Where can I go with questions?

Of course, the Internet is a great source of information on this subject. There are countless pages on this subject. Chat rooms and forums also exist on this subject where you can exchange thoughts with like-minded people.

Do I tell family?

Unfortunately, there is still a big taboo on SM. It is up to you to determine how your family feels about this. If you have decided to act on your feelings and needs and you want to inform your family about this, you should tell them can refer to an informative SM site where they can get acquainted with the SM world at their leisure.

What to do with my feelings of shame?

Unfortunately, many people feel shame about having submissive or controlling feelings and thoughts, however, this comes alone! , because there is a taboo on it, there is nothing to be ashamed about, these feelings are generally only present in the initial phase of discovery, if you correspond with like-minded people and perhaps have already been to a meeting, you will notice that the shame disappears.

Are there dangers?

Of course there are people on the internet who are looking for Dominant or submissive people with the wrong intentions, watch out for this! But this is of course the case with everything, if you are looking for a partner on a dating site you must also be careful, never speak casually with someone you don’t know, at your own or the other person’s home! This is a rule that everyone knows by now, with SM as a submissive you find yourself in a vulnerable position, so you cannot play this game with someone you don’t know. completely familiar